Planetary Polisher / Sander

DS 3011 Planetary Sander/Polisher

Sands, grinds, hones and polishes.

Planetary polisher / sander

DS 3011, shown with optional cowl for wet operation.

  • Built-in dust extraction
  • Triple-sealed bearings
  • High torque

Three 5" platensThe DS 3011 planetary polisher produces a flat, swirl-free finish on countertops, floors, walls and steps. The unit will grind, hone, polish and clean concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite and corian surfaces using coated abrasives, diamond polishing systems and lightweight diamond wheels. The system operates wet by default, or dry with the integrated dust cowl.

This is a true planetary-driven tool. The 12" platform turns at a lower rate than the higher rotational speed of the 5" platens. This combination of RPM provides the optimal speed for polishing, producing a perfect finish 5x faster than a single-head polisher. A center coolant feed, precision bearings and sturdy construction make this the ultimate tool for perfect finishes and superior polish.

Planetary Sander/Polisher

DS 3011 Specifications:
Power 11 Amp
115 V / 60 Hz
12" platform speed 405 RPM
5" platen speed 2100 RPM
3 platens 5" (with 5/8"-11 thread)
Weight 30 lbs. (47 lbs.with platens)

Dry polishing with optional dust cowl

DS 3011 C Kit
DS 3011 with set of Abrasive Diamond Pads – 3 each, 50 grit to 1500 grit.
Planetary Sander/Polisher Wet/Dry Resin Pads
DS 3011 Accessories
IN-C5R050 50 Grit Wet/Dry Resin pad
IN-C5R010 100 grit Wet/Dry Resin Pad
IN-C5R020 200 grit Wet/Dry Resin Pad
IN-C5R040 400 grit Wet/Dry Resin Pad
IN-C5R080 800 grit Wet/Dry Resin Pad
IN-C5R150 1500 grit Wet/Dry Resin Pad
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