MAB 465 Portable Magnetic Drill

Reversible motor ideal for tapping and twist drilling

  • MAB 465 Magentic Drill
  • MAB 465 Magentic Drill diagram
  • MAB 465 Magentic Drill
  • MAB 465 Magentic Drill diagram

  • Features
  • Safety
  • Accessories
  • Powerful and reliable
  • 2-speed oilbath gearbox
  • Integrated cutting oil reservoir
  • Automatic internal lubrication
  • SafeMag™: Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation
  • CoolMag™: Magnet overheating protection
  • Internal cable routing
  • Emergency-off function: electronic safety sensor shuts down drill motor if magnet loses contact with material to protect operator and equipment
Learn more about the special features and integrated safety of our magnetic drill line.
Max. Hole
Twist Drill
Maximum hole diameter
Maximum twist drill diameter
Tapping capacity
Motor Power
Motor Speed
Ø 2"
(with TCT Carbide cutters)
Ø 5/8"
to Ø 1-1/2")
Ø 5/8"
10.5 Amp
110 Volt

  • MAB 465 Specs
  • Standard Equipment
Motor Power10.5 Amp / 110 Volt
Weight29 lbs.
Hole Capacity2" dia. with TCT Carbide cutters
1-5/8" dia. with HSS cutters
Twist Drill Capacity5/8" dia.
Tapping Capacity5/8" dia.
Speeds50-250 and 100-450 RPM
Magnet Base Size6-5/8" L x 3-1/3" W
Dimensions14-1/8" H x 9-5/8" L x 6-1/2" W
Magnetic Force
(1" plate)
3750 lbs.
Arbor Bore3/4" Weldon Shank
Automatic LubricationIncluded
1 Magnetic drilling machine
1 Manual arbor with set screws, Weldon 3/4"
2 Pilot pins - 1" and 2" depth
1 Safety chain
Standard Equipment also includes molded plastic carrying case, operating manual, auto lubrication, safety strap and allen keys.