Industry's Largest Portable Magnetic Drill

Drill holes in steel and stainless steel up to 5-1/8" dia., 8" deep

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Maximum hole diameter
Maximum twist drill diameter
Tapping capacity
Motor Power
Motor Speed


Ø 5-1/8"


Ø 1-3/4"

Tapping Dia.

Ø 1-5/8"


20 Amp
110 Volt

Speeds (RPM)



CS Unitec also offers a complete line of electricpneumatic and hydraulic magnetic drills for fast, accurate hole cutting on the job site or in the shop. Our line of magnetic drills features:

  • Low-Profile
  • Auto-Feed
  • X/Y Milling
  • Economy
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
Ultra compact: 7" high with horizontal motor mount for drilling in tight spaces

MAB 155 Ultra Low Profile

MAB 155 - up to 1-1/2" dia. - Ideal for applications with limited clearance

Automatic feed models: both forward and reverse
AutoMAB 350
up to
1-1/2" dia.
AutoMAB 450
up to
1-3/4" dia.
MAB 825 V
up to
4-1/16" dia.
MAB 1300 V
up to
5-1/8" dia.
Multi-axis positioning for slotting, drilling and boring

Adjustable multi-axis positioning

MAB 825 KTS - up to 3-1/8" dia. - Versatile machine with adjustable X and Y positioning

Heavy-duty professional-grade portable magnetic drills, economically priced.

MABasic 200
up to
1-3/8" dia.

MABasic 250
up to
1-5/8" dia.

MABasic 450
up to
1-3/4" dia.

MABasic 850
up to
3-1/16" dia.

Pneumatic power for hazardous environments - ATEX Certified

Pneumatic powered magnetic drill

AIRBOR™ - up to 2-1/16" dia. - Industry's first completely air-operated magnetic drill - no electricity required.

Hydraulic power ideal for use in Ex Zones and subsea applications

Hydraulic magnetic drills for use underwater and in hazardous environements

Hydraulic Drills - up to 4" dia. - Manually operated permanent magnet - no electricity required.