Professional Pneumatic Linear Finishing System

Professional linear surface finisher for flat, curved or pipe applications

  • LP 1503 AIR – Pneumatic Surface Finisher
  • LP 1503 AIR – Pneumatic Surface Finisher

LP 1503 AIR grinding and polishing machine


  • Compact, lightweight and heavy duty
  • Perfect finishes with no shadows or streaks
  • Create or match linear finishes including #3, #4 appliance, #6 satin and #8 reflective
  • Produces a uniform finish fast and easy without leaving visible transitions and shadows
  • Ideal for graining, polishing, brushing, blending, deburring, cleaning welds, roughing and more
  • Constant speed, high torque and a comprehensive line of accessories make this the ideal tool for continuous-duty surface finishing
Pneumatic Surface Finisher Specifications
Part No.LP 1503 AIR
Load Speed2500 RPM
Motor1 HP (1/2" Air Connection)
Air Consumption20 CFM @ 90 PSI
Weight8 lbs.
Standard Equipment4" Interleaf (combi) wheel – P/N 47312
Shaft Adapter – P/N 42004