Heavy-Duty Needle Scaler Features and Benefits

CS Unitec's Genuine Trelawny™ Needle Scalers offer more advantages than meet the eye!

  • Increased tool life and easy maintenance – engineered with 20+ fewer parts than competitive models
  • 25% harder impact with the workpiece - all-in-one piston valve and plunger for efficient operation and increased productivity
  • Consume 55% less air - tight tolerances and efficient engineering reduce tool leakage and allow for more tools to run off one compressor

CS Unitec Heavy-Duty Needle Scaler Features Diagram

Fewer Moving Parts: 20+ fewer parts than comparable needle scalers; reduced downtime and fewer parts to stock, repair and replace
Low Air Consumption: more efficient operation with more power at lower CFM; can use smaller air compressor
Oversized Piston and Anvil: more power, productivity and longevity
All-Steel Construction: heavy-duty, built to last
Inline or Pistol Grip Options: for user comfort
Lever Throttle: easily power on/off while naturally holding tool
High-Quality Needles: last 10x longer than standard needles; fast removal; multiple tip shapes; stainless steel and non-sparking options available