New Products

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Universal Suction Ring for Wet and Dry Drilling!

  • Use on any drill with a diameter up to 10"
  • Attach to vacuum to absorb cooling water
  • Can be used for dry drilling as a dust collection system, or wet drilling as a water suction system
ESD 162 Main Tool Image

Holes up to 8" diameter

  • Dry drilling up to 8" in brick/block
  • Dry core drilling concrete up to 6-3/8"
  • 19.5 Amp motor, 110 V
  • Soft impact drilling into extremely hard materials
  • Speed of 0-1000 RPM & Max. stroke rate of 22,000 BPM

Cutter sizes up to 8" dia., 13-3/4" depth

  • Truly unique product specially designed for the ESD 162 Soft-Percussion IHT System
  • Optimal results in reinforced concrete, brick, block & more
  • Maintain high working speeds during extended drilling periods
  • Highly durable diamond segments
  • Extremely cool cutting
  • Excellent dust collection
ETR 400.2 Wet Cutting Circular Saw Main Tool Image

Cutting up to 6" depth

  • Wet cut circular saw up to 6" depth in concrete and stone
  • 20 Amp motor, 110 V
  • Cut hard materials, cut concrete, steel, natural stone, granite, and more
  • Cutting speed of 1950 RPM
EES 1400-3 Main Tool Image

NOW AVAILABLE! Part No. EES 1400-3

  • 3-Head grinder for corners, edges, and tight areas
  • Grinding right up to the edge
  • Dust collection, soft-start, variable speed control
  • NEW Air Reciprocating Saw
  • 35% increased speed
  • 21% increased motor power
  • 60% faster blade changeout
  • ATEX Certified
  • NEW! 110V 15A 8" Floor Scarifer
  • Updated & Improved Designs for Gas, Electric & Air 8" Floor Scarifer models
TCG250 NEW! vibro lo main image
  • Ideal for leveling and preparing small to medium areas
  • Available in electric and gas
  • Angled dust extraction port for cleaner work environment
  • For wet or dry use
EBW1300 Main teaser image
  • Ideal for higher level drilling in walls
  • Simple assembly
  • Equipped with caster for easy mobility
MAB 100 K lightweight magnetic drill main image
  • Lightweight 21.8lbs
  • 1-3/8" cutting capacity
  • Quick-Change chuck equipped
Magnetic Drills for Pipe Action Image Teaser
  • Easily attaches to pipe, curved and flat surfaces
  • For drilling up to 2-1/2" dia. holes
  • Reversible models for tapping, reaming, countersinking and more
King Boa NEW! teaser

NOW AVAILABLE! Part No. 38810U

  • Finish railings and pipe up to 5" dia.
  • Wraps around radius of pipe up to 270°; rotate slightly for full 360˚ finish
  • Adjustable handle for finishing installed pipe and railings
PLANTEX NEW! Main Teaser Image


  • For use on stainless steel, carbon steel, & heat sensitive alloys
  • Fast cut & long-life
  • Type 29
aluminum flap disc main image


  • Grind & blend aluminum & other non-ferrous materials
  • Minimizes loading & providing long-life
  • Type 29
SpitFire main teaser image 500x500

Premium Zirconia

  • For use on carbon steel & stainless steel
  • High removal rates & long life
  • Type 29
weld-ex teaser image


  • For use on carbon steel & stainless steel
  • Overhang excels for corners & tight areas
  • Fast cut & long-life
  • Type 29
Weldon Shank Drill Bit Main Teaser
  • 3/4" Weldon shank twist drill bits
  • 2" cutting depth
  • Range of sizes available
  • Easily fits standard magnetic drill tool holders
Varilex NEW! Main image

Not an angle grinder... industry's most powerful blending and finishing tool!

  • Powerful 15 Amp, 1750 Watt motor
  • Variable speed from 2400 to 8900 RPM
  • Up to 7" diameter
Anchor Stands for Core Drills
  • Space-saving base
  • Easy adjustment of drilling depth
NEW TFS 230 Main Tool Image

NOW AVAILABLE! Part No. 323.2403

  • Compact design, removable handle for easy transport
  • Single phase plug in
  • Designed for various applications, to withstand rough environments
  • Easy to install blade or chisels
  • Removal of floor coverings, adhesive, or thick coatings