Vacuum Dust Collection Systems

Wet & Dry Industrial Dust Collection Vacuums

CS Unitec's portable wet/dry dust extraction vacuums are designed for dust collection with concrete grinders, cut-off saws, wall slotters, sanders and more. They offer strong 157 CFM air flow and an electromagnetic pulse filter cleaning system to maximize vacuum power and dust collection.

For construction jobs using power tools, the most effective way for silica dust collection is to use a vacuum connected power tool in order to collect the silica dust at the source. This offers additional protection to the operator while performing the task.

Invest in appropriate silica dust collectors

 OSHA's RequirementsCS Unitec StandardsCS Unitec Model #s
Dust Regulations Compliance
Standard Vacuums99.00%99.93%CS 1445 K
HEPA Vacuums99.97%99.99%CS 1445 H, CS 1225 H


OSHA regulations require that dust collectors provide airflow recommended by the tool manufacturer, or greater, and contain a filter with 99% or greater efficiency. At CS Unitec, our standard vacuums offer an efficiency of 99.93%, while our HEPA vacuums have a 99.99% efficiency rating, both of which are higher than the 99% requirement for specific types of temporary outdoor construction jobs. Our HEPA vacuum filtration is rated at 99.99% which exceeds the requirement of 99.97% by OSHA for their specified HEPA applications.

Please call us at 800-700-5919 to talk to a tool specialist and/or if you would like a copy of OSHA's crystalline silica dust regulations.

Safety Notice:

It is each company's responsibility to follow all OSHA, state and local safety regulations, including the capture and suppression of crystalline silica dust. For more information about OSHA's silica dust collection guidelines and regulations, visit the links below:

CS 1225 6.6-gallon Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum

99.999% filtration efficiency with CS 1225 H

  • Connect electric tools up to 15 AMPS
  • "Power Take Off" outlet
  • Standard and HEPA models available
  • 6.6 gal. tank capacity
CS 1445 H Industrial Vacuum

99.999% filtration efficiency

  • Automatically "pulse" cleans filters without interrupting operation
  • 9-gallon tank capacity
  • Wet/Dry
  • 4 modes of operation
Pneumatic-powered Dust Collection Vacuums

Ideal for industrial dust collection in hazardous environments and Ex Zones and use with power tools.

  • Antistatic vacuum and air supply hose
  • ATEX Classified Ex II 2 GcT6
  • Optional HEPA filter - for collection of hazardous dust
  • Ideal for use with pneumatic power tools and portable equipment
Vacuum & Dust Collection Accessories
  • Filter bags & cartridges
  • Hoses and adapters
  • Cleaning kits