Electric Drills & Drill Motors

Robust and powerful electric drills for heavy-duty use and reliable operations

electric drill and drill motor
Electric drill features - Click to enlarge
CS Unitec Electric drilling machines & drill motors are ideal for:
  • steel
  • aluminium
  • plastic
  • wood
  • OEM driving applications

Industries Using Electric Drilling Machines & Drill Motors:

  • metalworking
  • assembly industries
  • steel construction
  • tube rolling
  • plant and vehicle renovation
  • carpentry and wood industries

Special motors are available for OEM and driving applications.

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EHB 16 Hand-Held Drilling Machine
  • High-torque output
  • Reversible motors and electronic torque control
  • Ideal for special applications including valve turning, tube rolling and other jobs
EHB 20/2.4 high-torque hand-held drilling motor
  • Electric drill/drive motor
  • High-torque
  • Ideal for drilling wood, aluminum and steel
  • Special driving applications
EHB 32/4.2 powerful hand-held drilling motor
  • 1-1/4" dia. in steel
  • 4 gears
  • Ideal for drilling, bridge reaming, driving, turning and more
  • Mechanical safety clutch
EAW 16/2 R/L OEM Driving Motor
  • 5/8" x 16 spindle
  • Reversible
  • Ideal for OEM driving applications including mills, spindles, valve turning and more
Slow-Speed Drills and Drive Units

High-Torque, Multi-Speed: two- or four-geared, variable-speed reversible motors

  • Driving applications, including mills, spindles, bar boring, pipe beveling and valve turning
  • Ideal for drilling, reaming and tapping steel
  • Slow-speed models available
  • Mechanical safety clutch on selected models
Carbide-Tipped Hole Saws

Carbide-tipped hole saws - Cut holes in steel plate

  • 1-Series: 9/16" - 4-1/2" dia.; 1" effective length
  • 2-Series Extra Heavy Duty: 9/16" - 1-3/8" dia.; 5/8" effective length