Pipe Cutting Saws

Heavy-duty Pipe Cutting Saws for fast, accurate cutting on the site!

CS Unitec's specialty pipe cutting saws can be used as a hand-held  or with an assortment of clamps for cutting pipe up to 96 inch diameter. These saws are ideal for heavy industry and construction applications. Saws and saw blades are available for a wide range of applications and materials. From small, medium, to large pipe and from steel, stainless steel, Inconel, chrome, Hastelloy, aluminum, iron, ductile iron, plastic, to masonry and more.

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Pipe Cutting Machines

Large Pipe Cutting Saw Machine up to 96" dia.

Cut Pipe From 6" to 96" OD

For Steel, Ductile Iron, Non-Ferrous Metal, HDPE, Plastic and Cement

  • Cut wall thickness up to 2"
  • Fully enclosed blade guard protects the operator

Pneumatic Ductile Iron Chain Saw

pipe cutting chain saws

Cut Up To 12" OD With Clamp,
20" Depth Of Cut For
Hand-Held Use

For Ductile Iron Pipe

  • Ideal for utility, commercial infrastructure, fire & rescue, construction and underwater applications

Portable Hacksaws

Pipe Cutting Hacksaw

Cut pipe up to 30" OD in one pass

For Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic,
and Wood

  • Designed for the toughest service in refineries, chemical plants, utilities, pipelines, construction, offshore oil and demolition applications

Chain Saws For Plastic Pipe

Plastic Chainsaw Cutting HDPE

Cut Pipe Up To 25" OD.
17-1/2" With Pipe Clamp

For HDPE and Other Plastics

  • Ideal for use in polyethylene plants, petrochemical industries, utilities, underground mines, marine and construction applications

Portable Band Saws

Portable Band Saw Cutting Pipe

Cut Pipe Up To 8" OD

For Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Chrome Hastellow, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Fiberglass, Plastic, Wood and More

  • Ideal for the toughest use in refineries, chemical plants, gas utilities, construction, offshore oil, mining, marine and demolition industries

Reciprocating Saws

pneumatic reciprocating saws

Cuts Pipe and Channel
1/2" to 8" OD

For up to 6" Dia. in Steel, up to 8" Dia. In
HDPE and Other Plastics

  • Ideal for cutting pipe, structural steel and other materials

Concrete Chain Saws
For Thick Walled Concrete Pipe

Concrete Chain Saw for Pipe

Deep Plunge Cuts – Up To 20" Deep

For Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Stone and More

  • 10", 15" and 20" bar lengths



Tools Related To Pipe Cutting:

Needle/Chisel Scalers

Available with Vibro-Lo™, Integrated Vibration Reduction Technology With 8x Less Vibration Than Standard Models

Hand-held Scarifiers

Our Hand-Held Scarifiers Are Available With Electric or Pneumatic Power, With Two and Four-inch Cutting Widths


Non-Sparking Hand Tools

Our Aluminum Bronze and Copper Beryllium Non-sparking Safety Tools Are Designed To Eliminate The Risk Of Sparks At Sites Where Explosive Atmospheres May Be Present 


Bevel up to 1-3/16" Land Width, Fixed and Variable Angle Beveling Heads available from 15 to 60° and 2.5 mm radius

Triple & Single Head Scaling Hammers

Hand-held Scaling Hammers and Descaling Tools are Ideal for Removing Coatings, Corrosion and Thick Scale


Safe Striking Wrench Designed To Prevent Injuries. Secures Itself in Any Position on Bolt and Nut - Even Upside Down. 


Abrasives For Open and Closed Pipe Contructions As Well As Grinding of Welds and More - Up To A Mirror Finish