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Concrete & Masonry

Concrete, Masonry and Tile Power Tools with Dust Collection

CS Unitec has a variety of concrete and masonry tools with dust extraction for your grinding, sawing, mixing, surface prepping and drilling applications. From handheld power tools to walk-behind floor equipment and dust collection vacuums for silica dust and other debris, CS Unitec’s concrete and masonry tools are ideal for concrete, masonry, brick, block tile and stone. As an industry leader for innovation and safety in power tool design, we continually focus on improving your productivity and creating safer working conditions on the jobsite.

CS Unitec carries a line of surface preparation tools, diamond core drills for holes up to 18" dia., air and hydraulic diamond concrete chain saws, stone and tile saws, wall slotters, hand-held mixers and mixing stations, pipe cutting machines and dust collection vacuums.

Learn more about silica dust collection and suppression, silica containing materials, and the tools needed to control exposure and adhere to OSHA Silica Dust Regulations.

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Concrete Saws

Concrete Chain Saw

Concrete Chain Saws

Ductile Iron Chain Saws
Pneumatic concrete cut-off circular saw

Pneumatic Concrete Cut-Off Saws

Stone Saws
Portable Pipe Cutting Machine for Metalworking

Pipe Cutting Machines

Tile Saw

Tile Saws
Concrete Wall Chaser

Concrete Wall Chasers

Concrete Drills

Rotary Hammer Drill

Rotary Hammer Drills
Diamond Core Drill for Holes in Concrete

Diamond Core Drills

Portable Concrete Mixing Stations and Hand-Held Mixing Drills

HIPPO Portable Mixing Station

HIPPO Mixing Station
Pelican Portable Mixing Station

Pelican Mixing Station
TwinMix Portable mixing station

TwinMix 1800 Mixing Station
Hand-held mixing drill for concrete and masonry

Hand-Held Mixing Drills

Paddles for mixing drills

Mixing Paddles


Concrete Dust Collection Systems and Vacuums

Dust Collection Vacuum

Concrete Dust Vacuums

Concrete Surface Preparation Tools

Needle scaler for concrete

Concrete Needle Scalers
Long-reach chisel scaler for surface preparation

Long-Reach Chisel Scalers
Hand-held low-vibration concrete scabbler

Concrete Scabblers - Hand-Held
Walk-Behind Concrete Scabbler

Concrete Scabblers - Walk-Behind
Hand-held concrete scarifier rotopeen

Concrete Scarifiers - Hand-Held
Walk-Behind Concrete Scarifier

Concrete Scarifiers - Walk-Behind

Concrete Scouring Machine

Concrete Scouring Machine

Hand-Held Concrete Grinder

Concrete Grinders - Hand-Held
Walk-Behind Concrete Grinder

Concrete Grinders - Walk-Behind


For more information about OSHA's silica dust collection guidelines and regulations, please take a look at the links below:


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