Pneumatic Saws & Cutting Tools

Heavy-duty pneumatic saws for fast, accurate cutting on the site!

CS Unitec's specialty, heavy-duty air saws can be used as a hand-held tool or can also be used with an assortment of clamps for pipe and other materials. These saws are ideal for heavy industry and construction applications.

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Pneumatic Ductile Iron Chain Saw

pipe cutting chain saws
  • Ideal for utility, commercial infrastructure, fire & rescue, construction and underwater applications
  • New flat drive shaft eliminates need for Trantorque
  • Cut ductile iron (D. I.) pipe
  • Patent-pending chain design with brazed layer diamond coating
  • 15" and 20" bar length available
  • Single side access to pipe
  • Reduced excavation, labor time and operator effort
  • Improved control and operator safety
  • Can cut concrete by changing bar, sprocket and chain

Pneumatic Pipe Cutting Machines

pipe cutting machines
  • Fast pipe cutting
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Fully enclosed blade guard protects the operator
  • Compact design; minimizes excavation
  • Carbide-tipped or diamond-coated blades
  • Guide chain insures straight 90˚ cut
  • Cut pipe from 6" to 63" dia
  • Cut wall thickness up to 2"
  • Cooling water connection

Dry Cutting Circular Saws

Dry Cutting Circular Saws
  • Ideal for petrochemical, marine, demolition, and fabrication industries
  • Hand-held Circular Saws - Electric and Pneumatic
  • 14" Chop Saw
  • 10" Miter Saw
  • Guide Rail and Clamping Systems
  • Blades

Portable Pneumatic Hacksaws

portable pneumatic hacksaw
  • Pneumatic motor with variable speeds
  • Ideal for cutting pipe, tanks, structural steel, profiles and other materials
  • Designed for the toughest service in refineries, chemical plants, utilities, pipelines, construction, offshore oil and demolition applications
  • Cut pipe up to 30" OD in one pass
  • 2-3/8" stroke for heavy-duty cutting
  • Ideal for cutting in confined spaces

Portable Pneumatic Band Saws

portable pneumatic bandsaws
  • ATEX Certified for EX Zone 2
  • Safer in hazardous atmospheres than electric saws
  • Ideal for process shutdowns and turnarounds
  • Reduces need for "hot work permits"
  • Variable-speed motors allow the operator to adapt the cutting speed to the material
  • Ideal for the toughest use in refineries, chemical plants, gas utilities, construction, offshore oil, mining, marine and demolition industries
  • Fast, deep cutting of pipe, conduit, bolts, cable, angle iron, structural steel, chain and more
  • Cut steel, stainless steel, Inconel, chrome, Hastelloy, aluminum, copper, iron, fiberglass, plastics, wood and more

Pneumatic Reciprocating Saws

pneumatic reciprocating saws
  • Ideal for cutting pipe, structural steel and other materials
  • 1-1/8" blade stroke for fast, efficient cutting
  • Cuts steel pipe and channel 1/2" to 6" diameter
  • Cuts plastic pipe to 8" diameter

Pneumatic Concrete Chain Saws

pneumatic concrete chain saws
  • No gas or engine fumes – ideal for confined spaces and indoor use
  • Flat shaft drive system (no Trantorque)
  • Deep plunge cuts – up to 20" deep
  • 10", 15" and 20" bar lengths

Pneumatic Chain Saws

pneumatic chain saws
  • Ideal for use in polyethylene plants, petrochemical industries, utilities, underground mines, marine and construction applications
  • 4HP Pneumatic - Powerful, efficient cutting of wood and plastic; used for many years in polyethylene plants, petrochemical industries, utilities, underground mines and marine applications
  • 1.2 HP Pneumatic - All-purpose use in utilities, mines, construction and agriculture
  • 6.5 HP Pneumatic - for cutting concrete and ductile iron

Piston Pneumatic Reciprocating Saws

piston pneumatic reciprocating saws
  • Piston air motors use low air volume (CFM) while maintaining a fast cutting speed (2000 to 10,000 strokes per minute)
  • Safe around gas and other flammable materials; recommended for fire and rescue applications where high CFM isn't available
  • ATEX Classified – for use in hazardous areas
  • CL and PL saws use standard hand hacksaw blades; convert to a 3/4" blade size simply by changing the nosepiece
  • Rugged saw bodies constructed of heavy-duty cast steel and aluminum
  • Built-in lubrication system automatically lubricates the motor
  • Safety STOP/Isolator button disconnects air supply

Pneumatic Cut-Off Saws and Concrete Walk-Behind Saws

pneumatic concrete cut off saws
  • Up to 20" blade capacity
  • Cut up to 7" deep
  • 5 HP and 9.5 HP motors
  • Cut through concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, masonry and more
  • Air-powered motors require low maintenance - no carburetors or fuel lines to maintain