Heavy Duty Needle Scalers

Needle scaler removing rust around bolts on ship deck
CS Unitec’s needle scalers are perfect for strong, hard-working crews that need to prepare or repair metal and concrete surfaces. This line of heavy-duty needle scalers for concrete and metal are ideal for texturing concrete, cleaning weld seams/joints, removing coatings and corrosion, with the ability to adjust to contours and cleaning irregular surfaces. Needle scalers and chisel scalers convert in seconds with optional head or when purchased as a Kit.

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Models include:

  • Vibro-Lo™ models with integrated vibration reduction technology operate with 8x less vibration than standard models, reducing the risk of vibration-related injury. An optional dust shroud gathers dust and debris during operation, improving workplace cleanliness and improving environmental safety and protection.

  • Vacuum System needle scalers include an integrated dust shroud for dust-free work when used with an industrial vacuum. They are ideal for cleaning and stress-relieving weld seams and joints, texturing concrete, and removing coatings, corrosion, and other accumulated materials on applications with hazardous airborne particulates.

  • Standard needle scalers with inline, pistol and semi-pistol grips and optional dust shroud to collect dust and debris

  • ATEX-Certified models are specially designed for use in hazardous areas and EX Zones. Fully certified to the EX II 2Gc IIA T4 under the European Directive 94/9/EC classification, pneumatic power and Copper-Beryllium needles make them safer in hot work zones. Paired with an ATEX-certified dust extraction vacuum, they can prepare surfaces, dust-free in dangerous applications.
Restoring USS Pampanito Submarine with Low-Vibration Needle Scaler
Reducing Needle Scaler Vibration for More Efficient Restoration  

When a dedicated team of volunteers is responsible for restoring a national treasure to its former glory, their job should be as safe and stress-free as possible – not a physically taxing endeavor leaving them susceptible to vibration-related injury.

Read more about how our Vibro-Lo™ needle scalers allow volunteers to work longer and safer when restoring the USS Pampanito submarine

Heavy-Duty Pistol Needle Scalers
  • Pistol grip with 19 or 28 needles
  • 2200-3000 blows per minute
  • Optional dust shroud available
Heavy-Duty Inline Needle Scalers
  • 12- and 19-needle models with inline grip
  • 3000-3800 blows per minute
  • Optional dust shroud
VL223 heavy-duty low-vibration needle scaler
  • 8x less vibration than standard needle scalers
  • Vibration dampening components offset hammer vibration
VL203 VL303 heavy-duty low-vibration needle scaler
  • 8x less vibration than standard needle scalers
  • Vibration dampening components offset hammer vibration
TVS VL203 Needle Scaler Vacuum Schrouded

Integrated vacuum connection for inline dust collection

  • Texture concrete
  • Stress-relieve weld seams and joints
  • Remove coatings, corrosion and other accumultated materials


ATEX-certified needle scaler
  • ATEX Certified for working in hazardous environments and Ex Zones
  • Kit includes Copper Beryllium non-sparking needles
  • 8x less vibration, 2400-3000 blows per minute
Long Reach Scaler Bottom View
  • Available from 2 to 6 Ft long
  • Improves ergonomics for overhead, floor and far reaching scaling applications
  • Vacuum Shrouds Available
  • Air powered
Anti Vibration Needle Scalers
  • up to 8x less vibration than standard needle guns
  • 19, 28 needles models available
  • Drop-protections & vacuum shrouded models available

Needles include:

  • Flat, chisel and pointed tip
  • Spark-resistant Copper Beryllium for hazardous areas
  • Corrosive-resistant stainless steel