Concrete Scabblers

When concrete needs resurfacing, the underlying material must be appropriately prepared to ensure that overlays or coatings bond securely. Cracks, delaminations, and other failures develop when substrate surfaces are either prepped poorly or not at all. CS Unitec’s concrete scabblers roughen, reduce, level and otherwise prepare concrete surfaces for coating, recoating and finishing.

We are a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools for construction and industrial applications. Our concrete scabblers are manufactured from high-quality, robust materials and powertrain components to optimize the roughening of concrete surfaces found across a variety of industries. 

The CS Unitec advantage 

Whether you’re improving pedestrian and forklift traffic traction at a manufacturing site or resurfacing a vital roadway, attaining a quality concrete surface requires preparation. Every CS Unitec concrete scabbler has the reliability and performance capabilities to roughen, reduce, and level concrete surfaces efficiently and safely. 
With an extensive range of concrete scabblers, we have the right tool for your project’s scope and size. 

  • Handheld concrete scabblers
  • Heavy-duty handheld concrete scabblers
  • Concrete floor scabblers, which are commonly called walk-behind concrete scabblers
  • Low-vibration hand-held and floor models
  • Pole scabblers for small and hard-to-reach areas