Pneumatic Pole Scabblers - Concrete Pole Scabblers

CS Unitec's long-handle Pole Scabblers are available in lengths of 50" and 55" for scabbling in hard to access areas as well as on corners, edges and joints – even close to walls. These models remove material quickly and provide aggressive concrete keying without damaging the substrate. Scabbler head options include 5-point bush heads, 9-point bush heads and cruciform heads. Pole scabblers quickly convert to pole tampers with optional tamper feet.

CS Unitec's powerful Pole Scabblers make material removal easier in tight, narrow spaces and inaccessible areas. An angled air inlet directs the hose away from the operator and a hand guard protects the user. Scabbler heads and tamper feet are interchangeable between the handles.

Low-vibration scabblers are available and operate at 8x less vibration than standard models for improved operator comfort and increased productivity.

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LPS55 Pole Scabbler/Pole Tamper
  • Quickly remove concrete without damaging substrate
  • Scabble hard to access areas, corners, edges and joints – even close to walls
  • 50" length
  • Interchangeable heads: scabbler can be converted to a tamper
Pole Concrete Scabbler Low VIbration
  • Up to 8x less vibration
  • Increased safety
  • Quickly remove/roughen concrete
  • Scabble hard to access areas
  • Wide selection of scabbling & tamping heads