Hand-Held Mixer Accessories

Optimize jobsite mixing capabilities with high-quality portable hand-held mixing drills, mixing stations, and accessories from CS Unitec.  

Chuck and Adapters for Hand-Held Mixers

Fit our mixing paddles to your mixing drill with the appropriate adapter.

Spindle extensions for portable, hand-held mixers

Extend paddle length up to 15" longer for more comfortable mixing

mixing paddles & blades teaser image

Galvanized steel for continuous, professional use

  • Standard 14mm and 1/2" hex shank connections available
  • Different configurations for variety of materials
Mixing stand teaser image

Mixing Stand

  • Reduce Fatigue, Increase Productivity
  • Improve Ergonomics
  • Ideal for 5-Gallon buckets
Mixing Drills Teaser image

Professional Mixing Drills for Fast, Efficient Mixing

  • Available in Air, Electric, and Gas
  • Ranges from Small to Large Jobs
mixing stations main image

Portable Mixing Stations

  • Self-Leveling and High Viscosity
  • Wide selection