Portable Electric Drills for Heavy-Duty Industry and Construction

Precise and Powerful Electric Drilling Machines for the Specialist

CS Unitec offers a variety of specialty electric drills for heavy-duty industry and construction drilling tasks. All of these drills are ideal for cutting virtually any metal.

We can help you find the right specialty drill for your application. Contact us with any questions or to request a quote.

MAB 155 - Ultra Compact Portable Magnetic Drill

ultra compact portable magnetic drill
  • 9.25 Amp double-insulated motor
  • Ultra compact, 7-1/8" high
  • Lightweight, 24 lbs.
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Intelligent electronic torque control
  • Uses annular cutters; 1-1/2" stroke
  • Internal cable routing
  • Emergency-off function
  • Simple, ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation

MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Drill

mab 825 kts portable magnetic drill
  • Ideal for a wide variety of drilling, boring and slotting applications
  • 16 Amp double-insulated motor
  • 4-speed oilbath gearbox for applications requiring high power
  • Includes servo-assisted drilling feature to help maintain feed pressure during operation
  • Multi-axis positioning
  • Uses annular cutters
  • 10" stroke
  • Twist drilling 1-1/4" dia., with optional geared chuck IBC 21
  • Tapping up to 1-3/16"
  • Integrated cutting oil reservoir
  • Automatic internal lubrication
  • Simple, ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation
  • Emergency-off function

MAB 1300 & 1300 V Portable Magnetic Drills

mab 1300 portable magnetic drills
  • 20 Amp double-insulated motor
  • 34-1/2" high, 112 lbs.
  • 4-speed oilbath gearbox for applications requiring high power
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Infinitely variable torque control and full-wave control electronics
  • Tapping up to 1-5/8" dia.
  • Reaming up to 2"
  • Automatic internal lubrication
  • Automatic feed (model MAB 1300 V), ideal for production applications
  • Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation
  • Internal cable routing
  • Equipped with Electronic Safety Shutoff Sensor
  • Emergency-off function

Electric Drills & Drive Units

electric drills and drive units
  • Powerful multi-geared and variable-speed motors
  • Reversible motors and electronic torque control
  • Safety slip clutch on select models to protect operator and tool
  • Ideal for special applications including valve turning, tube rolling and more
  • Drilling up to 4-1/2" dia. in steel
  • Perfect for drilling steel, aluminium, plastic and wood, as well as for OEM driving applications
  • Special motors are available for OEM and driving applications

High-Torque, Multi-Speed Electric Drills & Drive Units

high torque multi speed electric drills and drive units
  • High-Torque, Multi-Speed: two- or four-geared, variable-speed reversible motors
  • Driving applicaitions, including mills, spindles, bar boring, pipe beveling and valve turning
  • Ideal for drilling, reaming and tapping steel
  • Slow-speed models available
  • Mechanical safety clutch on selected models

Custom-Designed Motors

custom designed motors
  • Driving applications include mills, spindles, bar boring, tube rolling, valve turning and more
  • Custom Design Options Include:
    • Forward/Reverse
    • Variable Speeds
    • Multiple Gears
    • Spindle: MT or Special
    • Multifunctional Control Boxes or Handles
    • 3-1/2 to 4 HP
    • Modular Design