MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Mill Drill

Versatile machine with adjustable X and Y positioning

  • MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Drill
  • MAB 825 KTS diagram
  • MAB 825 KTS adjustable base - forward/backward and left/right
  • MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Drill
  • MAB 825 KTS diagram
  • MAB 825 KTS adjustable base - forward/backward and left/right


  • Red Dot 2021 Product Design Award Winner
  • Ideal for drilling & milling
  • Drill up to 3-1/8” dia. holes
  • Portable x,y cross table base for dynamic hole drilling and milling
  • 4-3/8” (110mm) in x-axis, 4-3/4” (120mm) in y-axis
  • Reversible motor – tap up to 1-3/16” dia.
  • Internal Lubrication for increased cutting tool life
  • Variable Speed & Torque
  • Overheat protection
Max. Hole
Twist Drill
Maximum hole diameter
Maximum twist drill diameter
Tapping capacity
Motor Power
Motor Speed
portable magnetic drill with multi-axis positioning
Ø 3-1/8"
Ø 1-1/4"
Ø 1-3/16"
16 Amp
110 Volt
Multi-axis positioning - adjustable up to 4-3/4" forward/backward and 4-3/8" left/right after magnet is adhered to surface.


  • Variable speed and torque allow for increased cutting tool life and reduced operating cost
  • Included carrying case with transport wheels allows for easy portability
  • Morse Taper 3 spindle for easy changeout to a wide range of tool holders with included chuck collet tool holder set (ZSF 316)
  • Large capacity (3-1/8” dia.) and Large stroke (10”) to fit a wide range of milling and drilling applications
  • CoolMag™: Magnet overheating protection for reduced tool wear
  • Streamlined, ergonomic arrangement of controls for easy operation
  • Servo assisted drilling for reduced fatigue and consistent feed pressure


  • Emergency-off function: electronic safety sensor shuts down drill motor if magnet loses contact with material to protect operator and equipment
  • SafeMag™: Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation
  • Up to 6,600 lbs of magnetic holding force

Learn more about the special features and integrated safety of our magnetic drill line.

  • MAB 825 KTS Specs
  • Video
  • Standard Equipment
  • ZSF 316 Chuck Collet Tool Holder Set
Motor Power16 Amp / 110 Volt
Weight99 lbs.
Hole Capacity3-1/8" dia.
Twist Drill Capacity1-1/4" dia.
Tapping Capacity1-3/16" dia.
Milling Capacity up to 5/8" dia. at 1" depth
Speeds40-110, 65-175, 140-360, 220-600 RPM
Magnet Base Size8-11/16" L x 8-11/16" W
Dimensions19-3/4" H x 13" L x 14-1/2" W
Magnetic Force
(1" plate)
6,600 lbs.
Arbor Bore3/4" and 1-1/4" standard
Automatic LubricationIncluded

1 Magnetic drilling machine
1 Steel carrying case†
1 Safety chain
1 Drift key MT3 (Order No. 5301)
1 ZSF 316 Chuck Collet Tool Holder Set
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Standard Equipment also includes auto lubrication, safety strap, carbin hook and allen keys.
† Steel case intended mainly for shipping purposes; damage may occur in transit
Optional 3/4" geared chuck available - Part No. IBC 21
ZSF 316 - End Mill Holder
The MAB 825 KTS magnetic drill includes a Chuck Collet Tool Holder Set with Case (p/n ZSF 316).

This kit can hold most standard end mill shanks from 1/8" to 5/8" (3mm to 16mm) dia. The kit includes:

  • MT3 collet holder with threaded adapter piece
  • 15 collets for shank diameters 1/8" to 5/8" (3mm to 16mm)
  • 2 collet tightening spanner wrenches