Power Tools for Coatings Removal

CS Unitec offers a complete line of specialty tools that removes all types of coatings such as concrete weight coat, epoxy, paint and more.

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Concrete & Metal Scalers

concrete and metal scalers
  • Includes a variety of hand-held needle scalers, chisel scalers, and long-reach chisels/scrapers/scalers
  • Needle and chisel scalers for concrete and metal
  • Vibro-Lo™ models with 7x less vibration than standard models
  • Optional dust shroud for dust and debris collection
  • Vibration damping components offset the hammer vibration when the tool impacts the workpiece, reducing the risk of vibration-related injury

Concrete Scabblers

concrete scabblers
  • Roughen, reduce and level concrete; prepare surfaces for coatings and finishes with CS Unitec’s pneumatic hand-held and walk-behind scabblers
  • Low vibration models operate with 7x less vibration than standard models
  • Single- and triple-head hand-held models available with TCT Cruciform pistons or Bush Hammer pistons
  • Floor scabblers: include MHS11 Vibro-Lo™11-head model & the MHS5 multi-head scabbler
  • Optional dust shrouds available for dust and debris collection

Concrete & Metal Scarifiers

concrete and metal scarifiers
  • Remove rust, scale, paint, adhesives and more from concrete and steel
  • Peening Preparation Tool (PPT) – an ideal alternative to small-area shot blasting
  • Electric, pneumatic and gas
  • Hand-held pneumatic and electric models available
  • Floor scarifiers available in gas, pneumatic and electric models
  • 2-10" cutting widths

Concrete Grinders

concrete grinders
  • Remove paint, epoxy, glue and other hard coatings
  • Smooth rough surfaces
  • Clean concrete before applying new paint or coatings
  • Collect dust with dust extraction vacuum
  • Unique parallel grip design and vibration reduction technology
  • Comfortable operation and even distribution of pressure on the grinding disc

Metal Descalers

metal descalers
  • Ideal for removing coatings, corrosion and thick scale
  • Applications include descaling pipes, ship decks, oil platforms, storage tanks and bridge structures
  • Single-head and triple head hand-held scaling hammers
  • Walk-behind steel deck hammer
  • Lightweight deck descaler
  • Low vibration descaling tool models are available and operate with 7x less vibration than standard models

Dust Collection Vacuums

dust collection vacuums
  • HEPA Model 99.997% filtration efficiency
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Cleaning System maintains maximum airflow and suction with automatic filter vibration
  • Automatically cleans filters – without interrupting operation – when decreased airflow is detected
  • "Power Take Off" outlet activates the vacuum ON/OFF from the power tool switch
  • 4 modes of operation: regular vacuum, power tool activation, auto-clean and auto-clean with power tool activation
  • Wet vacuuming capability with sensor for automatic shut off to protect motor and filters.
  • Includes a 15' hose and 26' power cord for easy portability on jobsite.