Low Vibration & Anti Vibration Tools

Routine exposure to vibration – even for short periods can cause severe damage to blood vessels, nerves, muscles and joints in the hands, wrists and arms. CS Unitec offers a wide range of vibration reduced, low-vibration tools, with our line of Vibro-Lo™ tools offering up to 8x less vibration than standard models. See our wide range of vibration reduced and Vibro-Lo™ tools below. Call 800-700-5919 to speak to our specialists.

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“As expected, we have found that the Vibro-Lo scalers create noticeably less vibration...The VL203’s pistol grip design allows for more comfortable hand positioning and has proven to be quite helpful when working in close quarters under the main deck. Another much-appreciated ergonomic benefit is that the cold air exhaust is now routed away from our operators’ hands. The VL203 is even a bit quieter than we were used to. Moving to the VL203 has resulted in a much more comfortable, less fatiguing scaling process than we had experienced with conventional inline scalers.” Richard Pekelney, SFMPA


  • Reduced risk of HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) and related injuries
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved user comfort & ergonomics
  • Improved work quality and consistency