Diamond Core Drilling Accessories

Adapters for Core Drills
  • Adapters and quick-change adapters
  • Variety of sizes available
Anchor Stands for Core Drills
  • Space-saving base
  • Easy adjustment of drilling depth
Anchor/Vacuum Stands
  • Easy to handle
  • Aluminum columns
  • Easy adjustment of drilling depth
Carbide-Tipped Plate Cutters
  • For use when drilling through a combination of concrete and steel
  • 11" and 12" usable lengths available
Core Drill Centering Aids
  • For precise drilling of holes
Copper Ring-for all drills
  • For all drills
Core Bit Extension Rods
  • For use with Diamond Core Bits
Dry Vacuum Bits
  • For cured concrete and masonry
  • Drill up to 9" deep
  • 1-1/4" - 12 female threaded hub
EBW 2300 Core Drill Rig
  • Ideal for higher level drilling in walls
  • Simple assembly
  • Equipped with caster for easy mobility
Portable Water Tank P/N 251 623
  • 3 gallon capacity
  • 3 ft. hose
Spacer Block for drill stands
  • For Drill Stands: BST 300 and BST 300 V
Threaded Diamond Core Bits and Barrels
  • Ideal for deep drilling in reinforced concrete and masonry
  • Threaded barrels from 12" to 48" long
Unicore Dry Diamond Core Bits – Segmented
  • Drill through block and brick
  • 7mm diamond segment height
Unicore Quick-Lock Diamond Core Bits
  • For use with the END 1550 P core drill
  • Ideal for drilling anchor holes and dowel holes
Unicore Wet Diamond Core Bits – Segmented
  • Ideal for drilling in reinforced concrete and masonry
  • 8mm diamond segment height
Vacuum Pump 253 511
  • Electric and pneumatic available
Water Collection accessories
  • Water suction rings for drills
  • Water collection trap rings for drill stands
Water-Cooled Mini Diamond Core Bits
  • For use with END 712 and END 1550 P core drills
  • Bits from 5/32" to 3/4"