Core Drill Stands

Concrete Core Drilling Stands are available in anchor, vacuum/anchor stand and mobile stand variations. Most vacuum stands are also able to be used as an anchor stand. CS Unitec core drill stands are professional grade, stable, easy to mount and transport. With available quick drill motor mounting, core drill stands and motors can be mounted independently for easy vertical and overhead drilling. For drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, tile and more.

CS Unitec Core Drill Stand Features Include:

  • Up To 18" Diameter
  • Up To 39-1/4" of Travel
  • Easy Drill Mounting Connections
  • High-Strength, Lightweight Aluminum Columns
  • Stand Level Adjustment and Leveling Guides
  • Hole Center Indicators
  • Easy Drilling Depth Adjustment
  • Wheels For Easy Transport (Select Models)
  • Adjustable Drilling Angles Up To 45°, 360° Swivel Available For Angled and Stich Drilling

When drilling holes over 3 inches (76mm) diameter for increased safety we reccomend that you always mount your concrete core drilling machine in a core drill stand/rig.

EBW1300 Main teaser image
  • Ideal for higher level drilling in walls
  • Simple assembly
  • Equipped with caster for easy mobility
Anchor Stands for Core Drills
  • Space-saving base
  • Easy adjustment of drilling depth
Anchor/Vacuum Stands
  • Easy to handle
  • Aluminum columns
  • Easy adjustment of drilling depth
Spacer Block for drill stands
  • For Drill Stands: BST 300 and BST 300 V
Vacuum Pump 253 511
  • Electric and pneumatic available