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Tools for Hazardous & Ex Zones

The risk of an explosion or fire may exist due to flammable gasses, combustible vapors, combustible dusts, or other hazards, which can create a dangerous work environment. To protect workers and avoid damaging equipment, it is important to use safety tools that are certified for use in explosive atmospheres and hot work zones.

Our line of non-sparking, non-magnetic safety tools are manufactured from non-ferrous alloys to eliminate the risk of sparking. These copper beryllium (CuBe) and aluminum bronze (AlBr) brass safety tools include hammers, wrenches, wedges, screwdrivers, pliers, impact sockets and more.

CS Unitec is also a leader in ATEX Certified power tools designed, manufactured and tested for use in Ex Zones. Our line of select pneumatic and hydraulic drills, saws, needle scalers, impact wrenches and other tools are ATEX Certified for use in hazardous atmospheres, hot work areas and Ex Zones.

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