Portable Band Saws

Band Saw Cutting Pipe With Clamp

Air • Electric • Hydraulic

Largest cutting capacity band saw in the industry - up to 9" OD

Special Features & Benefits of CS Unitec Portable Band Saws:

  • Portable band saw for cutting metal, steel, stainless steel, Inconel, chrome, Hastelloy, aluminum, copper, iron, fiberglass, plastics, wood and more
  • Deep cut band saw - cutting capacities up to 9" O.D
  • Variable-speed motor for adapting cutting speed to the material
    maximizes cutting performance and blade life
  • ATEX Certified - pneumatic models
    Fast, deep cutting of pipe, conduit, bolts, cable, angle iron, structural steel, chain and more

Call 1-800-700-5919 for technical support/inquiries on all portaband saws

Refineries     Chemical Plants     Gas Utilities     Construction     Offshore Oil     Mining     Marine     Demolition

Electric Portable Band Saw

For construction, utility, marine and demolition applications

  • Cutting capacities of 4", 7" and 8" OD
  • Ideal for construction, demolition, utilities and nuclear industry
  • Portable band saw - fast on-site cutting hand-held or with a clamp

Pneumatic Band Saws AirBand

Ideal for hazardous atmospheres and wet environments

  • Cutting capacities of 4", 7" and 8" OD
  • ATEX Certified Tool for Ex Zone 2
  • Reduces need for "hot work permits"
  • Ideal for process shutdowns and turnarounds
Hydraulic Band Saws

Heavy-duty mining, utility, marine and construction applications

  • Deep cutting capacities of 4", 7" and 9" OD
  • Hydraulic band saw machine for construction, demolition, mining and underwater applications
  • Portable - fast on-site cutting hand-held or with a clamp
Band Saw Blades

M42 Cobalt Steel SuperBand™ Saw Blades

  • Band Saw Blades for standard saws
  • Band Saw Blades for Deep Throat™ saws
  • Band Saw Blades for Wide Mouth™ saws
Band Saw Vise Clamp for Straight Cutting

Vise Clamp for Accurate Cuts

  • Securely clamp to round, square and angular materials for straight cutting