Metal Descaling Tools

Scaling Hammers, Deck Hammers and Deck Descalers

CS Unitec's hand-held and walk-behind scaling hammers and descaling tools are ideal for removing coatings, corrosion and thick scale. Applications include descaling pipes, ship decks, oil platforms, storage tanks and bridge structures. Low vibration descaling tool models are available and operate with 8x less vibration than standard models.

The lightweight and portable Trident Neptune Deck Descaler Tool rapidly removes scale, rust, paint and other deposits on metal surfaces in preparation for priming/painting or other coating applications.

triple head scaling hammer

Versatile hand-held scaling hammer

  • 9,000 BPM, covers 100 sq. ft./hour
  • Optional spark-resistant Copper Beryllium heads for use in Ex zones
  • Long or short handle models
VL Scaling Hammer
  • Operates with 8x less vibration than standard models
  • 3000 blows per minute
Single Head Pneumatic Hand-held Scaling Hammer

Models available with:

  • TCT Cruciform Piston
  • Steel Bush Hammer Piston
  • CuBe Cruciform Piston
  • Short handle or long handle
SF11 Steel Deck Hammer

Low vibration and high performance

  • 11 heads produce 33,000 BPM
  • Fracture and reduce scale, corrosion and thick coatings in minutes
  • Low profile - only 6" clearance needed
  • 8x less vibration than standard models
Trident Neptune Deck Descaler
  • Pneumatic and electric models
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Two-skid base design
  • Optional swivel base