Morse Taper Drills w/ Feed Spindle

High-torque reversible pneumatic drilling and tapping machines

  • Morse Taper Drills W/ Feed Spindle
  • Morse Taper Drills W/ Feed Spindle
  • High-torque reversible drilling, tapping and threading machines
  • Ideal for drilling, reaming, tube rolling, tube expanding and tapping
  • Use for special applications including mills, spindles, slides, controllers, pipe tapping, valve turning and more
  • Special OEM air motors available on request
  • One-year warranty

Morse Taper Pneumatic Drills with Feed Spindle

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Model No. Motor Power (HP)Load Speed (RPM)Chuck/
Drilling Cap. in SteelTube Rolling Cap.Torque Output (ft./lbs)
LengthFeed LengthWeight (lbs.)
Morse Taper Drills w/ Feed Spindle - Reversible
2 2089*1.7250MT31-1/4"1"36 max2426-1/2"1-5/8"28
2 2506*2.5220MT31-1/4"2"63 max.7026-1/2"2-1/2"32
2 2502*2.580MT42"2-1/2"173 max.7026-1/2"2-1/2"37

* The last four digits of the More Taper Drill Model No. identify the type of throttle. Please specify the four digits when ordering: 0010 for Lever Throttle or 0030 for Safety Throttle.
Part No.Description
830-1230-050Male Square Drive, 1/2", MT 3
830-1230-075Male Square Drive, 3/4", MT 3
IBC 213/4" chuck with MT3 shank