Easy-Lock Speed Nut

Never has changing a grinding disc been so quick and efficient

  • Easy-Lock Speed Nut
  • Easy-Lock Speed Nut

Easy-Lock Self-Clamping Nut P/N 65008-1 (5/8”-11 UNC)

Thanks to the new self-clamping EASY-LOCK speed nut, abrasives can now be changed in seconds without any tools. The EASY-LOCK speed nut will work with any abrasive with a hemp or ABS backing plate and a 7/8” arbor. That means you can change any CS Unitec/Eisenblatter abrasive on an angle grinder in a matter of seconds using this uniquely simple solution.

The clamping collar shaped on the top of the EASY-LOCK clamping nut can secure flap discs and abrasives with a “thicker” backing disc as well as center them. “Thin” abrasives such as cutting discs, etc. can simply be secured using the reverse of the EASY-LOCK speed nut.

Changing and Releasing Instructions:

Easy Lock Steps
  1. Secure the disc loosely by hand using the EASY-LOCK speed nut.
  2. Press the spindle lock and tighten the disc by turning it clockwise by hand. That's all there is to it!
  3. To release the disc, press the spindle lock and turn the disc counter-clockwise by hand.