How to Get a Mirror Finish on Stainless Steel

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Mirror Finish on Stainless Steel

Achieve a mirror finish on stainless steel using the PTX Eco Smart 47002 and the PTX Expansion Roller 47005.

  1. Pre-polish with white PTX Pre-grinding and Polishing Compound 40013. Apply PTX Lime powder and wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove any paste residue.
  2. Polish with blue PTX Pre-grinding and Polishing Compound 40014. Apply PTX Lime powder with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Mirror polish using the Cotton Buffing Wheel CS2410 and pink PTX Polishing Cream 40015 using long elliptical strokes in all directions.

Application Tips

  • Apply a consistent downward pressure (slightly more than the weight of the grinder) when grinding stainless steel with the PTX TZ-Pyramid Belts. Use higher speed with each grit change.
  • Always use a separate PTX Felt Sleeve for each polishing compound and cream so the different compounds do not get mixed together. Mark each sleeve and store it in a zip lock bag for protection.
  • Pastes and creams must always be applied to the PTX sleeve, and never to the work surface.
  • After each metal polishing step, remove the remaining residue with PTX Lime powder. Simply scatter it on the work piece and wipe it off with a Microfiber Cloth 40031.
  • The final finishing should be at the highest speed with no downward pressure. Let the cotton buff just barely touch the surface.

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