Heavy-Duty Hand-Held Concrete Scabblers

Single-Head, Triple-Head, & Low-Vibration Models

CS Unitec's heavy-duty handheld concrete scabblers are ideal for those demanding concrete preparation & coating removal applications where users need that extra power! The blows per minute of our heavy-duty models range from 2400-7200, allowing users to handle demanding jobs. Applications include: removing steel scale deposits, prepare concrete cracks for repair, prepare for coatings & waterproofing compounds, scabbling concrete to expose aggregate, as well as texturing, roughing, reducing, & leveling concrete.

Contact our concrete specialists for assistance with your concrete application: 1-866-480-4077 or 203-635-0413. You can also ask them a question here.

Short Handle SF1 Heavy-Duty Scabbler
  • Short handle or long handle models
  • 2400 blows per minute
Heavy-duty triple head scabbler
  • 7200 blows per minute
  • Long- and short-handle models
  • TCT Bush or Cruciform heads available
Heavy-Duty Single Head Scabbler
  • Operates with 8x less vibration than standard models
  • 2900 blows per minute