Specialty Pneumatic Drills

Heavy-duty Industrial Air Drills

CS Unitec offers a complete line of specialty pneumatic drills for fast and accurate drilling in steel, aluminum, concrete, plastic, wood and more.

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AirBor Portable Pneumatic Magnetic Drill

  • Industry's first completely air-operated magnetic drill
  • 1600 lb magnet holding strength
  • Powerful 1.6 HP drill motor
  • Safer than electromagnetic drills in hazardous atmospheres and wet environments
  • ATEX certified
  • 2-1/16" dia. hole capacity

Pneumatic Core Drills

pneumatic core drills
  • Pneumatic power for hazardous areas and Ex zones
  • Ideal for walls, floors, ceilings, refractory brick and all concrete anchoring systems
  • Capable of drilling holes 6-12" in diameter
  • Hand-held and rig mounted options available
  • Up to 3.8 HP of motor power
  • Free speeds of 300/700/1350 RPM

Pneumatic Woodboring Drills

pneumatic woodboring drills
  • Ideal for drilling wood in marine timbers, underwater use and railroad repair work
  • 1/2" woodboring chuck style
  • Thrust bearing support for long life and efficient operation
  • Lever throttle and durable spur gearing
  • Breast plate and dead handle included
  • Includes threaded exhaust port
  • Use underwater with Air Tool Line Conditioner P/N MS 9105

Pneumatic Corner Drills

pneumatic corner drills
  • Ideal for bride reaming and drilling applications
  • Work in tight spaces with small side-to-side distance
  • Self-closing roll throttle
  • Built-in oiler for motor
  • 0.7-3.0 HP motor power

Pneumatic Nut Runners

pneumatic nut runners
  • Worm gear drive provides high torque, up to 405 ft.-lbs.
  • Lightweight and reversible
  • 0.9 HP Motor
  • 1" Side to Center Distance
  • Compact angle head allows access to confined spaces
  • Hydraulic Nut Runners are also available
  • Available with Male or Female Square Drives in a variety of sizes

Pneumatic Hammer Drills

pneumatic hammer drills
  • Hammer drill holes in concrete, brick and masonry
  • Select models safe to use in explosive atmospheres
  • Underwater models available
  • Drills holes up to 1" in diamater in concrete
  • ATEX certified tools

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

pneumatic impact wrenches
  • Ideal for idustrial, mining, assembly and subsea applications
  • ATEX certified for Ex Zones
  • Best power-to-weight ratio
  • Models for underwater use
  • High torque
  • Max bolt size of 2-1/8" (M 56)