PLANTEX® Flap Discs

Industry First Technology & Superior Performance

Our updated, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly Flap Discs are designed for high-performance & efficiency. These flap discs are more impact resistant versus fiberglass, absorb heat and sounds, are usable down to the backing, and are made with industrial protected hemp backing! Our new line consists of the PLANTEX® Sunfire, PLANTEX® SpitFire, PLANTEX® Weld-Ex, and PLANTEX® Aluminum. Our range of Flap Discs can handle even the toughest applications, and are built to excel on a wide range of surfaces. To learn more, please call 203-853-9522 or contact us here.

Longer, faster, and better grinding

CS Unitec Flap Disc
Standard Flap Disc
These pictures show the clear difference between a CS Unitec flap disc with hard-pressed flaps (top) and a standard flap disc with fiberglass backing and unpressed flaps (bottom). The poorly pressed disc tends to “chatter” during the grinding process, generating vibrations and resulting in the grit pulling away from the mounting prematurely. This results in:
  • Irregular grinding
  • Poor grinding capacity
  • Short service life
  • Potential flap tearing
PLANTEX NEW! Main Teaser Image


  • For use on stainless steel, carbon steel, & heat sensitive alloys
  • Fast cut & long-life
  • Type 29
SpitFire main teaser image 500x500

Premium Zirconia

  • For use on carbon steel & stainless steel
  • High removal rates & long life
  • Type 29
weld-ex teaser image


  • For use on carbon steel & stainless steel
  • Overhang excels for corners & tight areas
  • Fast cut & long-life
  • Type 29
aluminum flap disc main image


  • Grind & blend aluminum & other non-ferrous materials
  • Minimizes loading & providing long-life
  • Type 29
Magnum® Clean Discs

Pore-deep cleaning of metals

  • Iron-free – no risk of corrosion
  • Coarse fleece interspersed with silicon carbide grit
  • Clean without harming base material
Magnum® Fleece Top Discs

Versatile fleece disc for:

  • Surface conditioning
  • Fine finishing
  • Polishing
Magnum® Topmix

Foamed and compressed fleece combination offers:

  • Increased material removal
  • Excellent service life
  • Easy deburring & cleaning

Best for grinding & polishing:

  • Bead
  • Corner welds
Kangaroo ALU-FIX® Oil

Spray for aluminum workpiece grinding:

  • Improve removal rate
  • Increase abrasive life
Reduced Sparking EB Diamond Grinding Discs

Last 100x longer than ordinary resin bonded wheels

  • Reduce sparks, dust and material waste
  • Save time changing discs
  • Ideal for grinding and cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, fiberglass and more