Power Hacksaws

Wide range of options for portable cutting of pipe, cutting metal, structural steel, tanks and other materials.

CS Unitec offers a variety of portable power hacksaws. With our heavy duty, cold cut saws, cut pipe up to 30” OD, metal, structural steel, cast iron, tanks, and other hard materials. Our high-performance portable hacksaws are available with pneumatic (air), hydraulic, and electric power. These pipe cutting and steel cutting saws are ideal for working in small, confined spaces. With stroke lengths of 2-3/8” and optional manual and auto-feed hacksaw pipe clamps, our portable power hacksaws cut faster and more accurately.

For toughest service in refineries, power and chemical plants, utilities, construction, and offshore oil. Underwater and EX zone saws available. 

Efficient and reliable for shutdowns and turnarounds in process piping industry

  • Hacksaw application
    Ideal for cutting in confined spaces
  • Profile clamps and pipe clamps allowing saws to cut 90˚ 
  • Manual and automatic clamps available
  • Best tool for cutting metal pipe, plastic pipe, cast iron, plastic, and more
  • Heavy-duty saw blades for cutting metal, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, plastic and wood
  • Our ATEX-certified air hacksaw can be used in hazardous environments and EX zones
  • Hydraulic hacksaw models can be used in construction and underwater applications
  • Optional saw blade guide for added blade stability for straight cutting

For technical questions/purchasing information, call 1-800-700-5919 (USA/Canada) or +1 (203) 853-9522 (International).
Hacksaw Features and Demonstration Video