Hydraulic Chainsaws

CS Unitec's hydraulic motor chainsaws come in pistol grip and pole designs for maintenance applications in utilities, underwater, mines, construction and agriculture industries.  With a hydraulic chainsaw motor, these heavy duty chain saws are for industrial, professional, underwater applications and more.

 Hydraulic Chain Saw with Brake Model 5 1030 xxxx
  • ATEX Certified
  • Hydraulic chainsaw motor, heavy duty chain saw for underwater and industrial applications
  • 11", 15", 17", 21", 25", 28", 40" cutting capacity
  • Oiled by two separate lubricating systems
Hydraulic Lopper
  • Cut up to 2" diameter
  • Cutting head rotates 360°
  • Non-conductive, insulated handle
Model ACH000-12 – Pistol Grip Hydraulic Chain Saw
  • Hydraulic chainsaw with 12", 14" and 16" bar lengths available
  • Versatile, lightweight hydraulic chainsaw for underwater, utilities, agriculture and railway maintenance applications
  • Pistol grip with safety trigger lock and insulated handle
Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • Non-conductive fiberglass pole for long reach
  • Overall length up to 7.5', 3 bar lengths available
  • Approved for live line work


Model CS 566110 Hydraulic Concrete Chain Saw

Hydraulic Concrete Chain Saws with AirFORCE F4™ Diamond Chain

  • Designed to cut through walls, floors and columns in a single pass
  • Dependable, powerful 11 HP motor
  • Flat shaft drive system (no Trantorque)