Concrete, Stone and Tile Cutting Saws

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Saws for Concrete, Tile and Stone

CS Unitec offers hydraulic, pneumatic (air) and electric concrete, stone, and tile cutting saws that are ideal for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe, natural stone, asphalt and masonry. Ideal for demanding applications, our chainsaws, concrete cut-off saws and stone and tile saws provide a variety of options for your jobsite requirements.

Our line of concrete, stone and tile saws offer advantages over gas-powered alternatives. Because they do not emit gas, engine and other hazardous fumes, they are safer for operating indoors. Air and hydraulic-powered chain saws can cut through walls, floors and columns. Hand-held and walk-behind cut-off saws cut up to 7” deep in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, and masonry.  Stone and tile saws can be used wet or dry and include integrated water supplies, flow regulators and vacuum ports for dust-free cutting. Optional accessories include rail guides and cutting tables for clean, straight cuts.

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