Electric Hacksaw

Electric portable hacksaw machine and a Variable-speed motor with up to 400 strokes per minute

  • Electric Hacksaw
  • Electric Hacksaw Variable Speed Dial
  • Electric Hacksaw
  • Electric Hacksaw Variable Speed Dial
  • Electric motor with variable speed
  • Pipe cutting saw up to 30" OD in one pass
  • Saw for cutting metal pipes, sheets, and other hard materials
  • Cold cut saw ideal for cutting in small, confined spaces 
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic models available

For technical questions/purchasing information, call 1-800-700-5919 (USA/Canada) or +1 (203) 853-9522  (International).

Designed for toughest service in construction and demolition applications

Blades and Accessories

  • Chain clamps and profile clamps for 90° cutting of pipe and structural steel
  • Optional saw blade guides to increase blade stability
  • Automatic air pipe clamp system available for cutting pipe while using the same air supply (see accessory No. 5 1208 9990)
  • Heavy-duty blades available for up to 37" long for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ductile iron, wood, plastic, masonry and more - in HSS (High-Speed Steel), HSS-SL (for stainless steel and hard metal) and Carbide.

Hacksaw Blade for Metals


Clamps for Pipes and Profiles – manual and automatic-feed clamps for straight, 90° cutting of pipes and profiles

Manual ClampsAutomatic Feed Clamp
Manual Hacksaw Clamp
Auto-feed hacksaw clamp
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  • Electric Hacksaw Specifications
Model No.5 1215 0070
Power1.5 HP
Motor Specifications120V/60Hz**
Strokes per Minute200-400
Blade Strokes2-3/8"
Weight (lbs)13

Note: This model has an electronic speed control dial

** Also available as 230 Volt/50 Hz (Model No. 5 1215 0050)