Hacksaw Blades

Heavy-duty cutting of pipe and structural steel

Cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, wood, plastic, masonry and more!

Heavy-duty hacksaw blades

Extra thick blades for 90˚ cutting

Use HSS-SL blades for best cutting performance on stainless steel and hard metals

ProLube saw blade and annular cutter/bit lubricant

3 Grades of Hacksaw Blades:

  1. HSS for steel up to 600 N/mm2 strength - Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Wood and Plastic

  2. HSS-SL for high strength steel - Stainless Steel

  3. Carbide for non-metal applications - Masonry/Cast Iron

Length of blade = Operating length + 5-1/4 inches.
(Ex.: To cut a 10" diameter pipe use a blade with a minimum length of 16 inches.)

** Use ProLube™ Specialty Lubricants with your Hacksaw Blades - work cooler, longer and more efficiently. ProLube Lubricants are non-toxic and ideal for stainless steel and hard metal cutting applications. **


Order No.LengthDimensions 
ThicknessSteel and Nonferrous MetalPlastic and WoodCast Iron
and Masonry
Max. Dia.
of Cut
Z22-9 HSS8"81/16"Steel/AluminumPlastics-3-1/8"
Z22-10 HSS8"161/16"Steel--3-1/8"
Z22-10 HSS-SL*8"161/16"Stainless Steel--3-1/8"
Z22-11 HSS8"241/16"Sheet Metal--3-1/8"
Z22-6 HSS12"161/16"Steel--6-5/8"
Z22-6 HSS-SL*12"161/16"Stainless Steel--6-5/8"
Z22-6 Carbide12"Coated3/16"--Masonry6-5/8"
Z22-31 HSS12"121/16"Steel--6-5/8"
Z22-71 HSS12"41/16"-Plastics/Wood-6-5/8"
Z22-7 HSS16"161/16"Steel--10-5/8"
Z22-7 HSS-SL*16"161/16"Stainless Steel--10-5/8"
Z22-7 Carbide16"161/16"--Masonry10-5/8"
Z22-29 HSS16"81/16"Steel/AluminumPlastics-10-5/8"
Z22-32 HSS16"41/16"-Plastics/Wood-10-5/8"
Z22-33 HSS16"61/16"-PlasticsCast Iron10-5/8"
Z22-72 HSS20"145/64"Steel--14-5/8"
Z22-72 Carbide20"Coated3/16"--Masonry14-5/8"
Z22-30 HSS 21"121/16"Steel--15-5/8"
Z22-30 HSS-SL*21"121/16"Stainless Steel--15-5/8"
Z22-40 HSS21"41/16"-Plastics/Wood-15-5/8"
Z22-73 HSS24"145/64"Steel--18-1/2"
Z22-73 HSS-SL*24"145/64"Stainless Steel--18-1/2"
Z22-73 Carbide24"Coated3/16"--Masonry18-1/2"
Z22-74 HSS24"85/64"Steel/AluminumPlastic-18-1/2"
Z22-75 HSS30"125/64"Steel--24-7/8"
Z22-75 HSS-SL*30"125/64"Stainless Steel--24-7/8"
Z22-76 HSS30"65/64"--Cast Iron24-7/8"
Z22-37 HSS37"125/64"Steel--31-7/8"