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Case studies

Using needle scaler to restore USS Pampanito

When a dedicated team of volunteers is responsible for restoring a national treasure to its former glory, their job should be as stress-free as possible – not a physically taxing endeavor leaving them susceptible to vibration-related injury. Fortunately, CS Unitec has a line of low-vibration needle scalers that allowed the volunteers to work longer and safer.

MAB 485 Portable Magnetic Drill Drilling Holes

CS Unitec was approached by Big Imagination to assist in specifying and supplying a drill and lubricant to cut holes in the titanium wing beams of a Boeing 747. This is the story of the 747 project and how CS Unitec and Big Imagination collaborated to drill two hundred and thirty-two 5/8” diameter holes through 2” thick aerospace-grade titanium.

CS Unitec mixer used to restore steps at Alcatraz Island

Creating the perfect mix is always important when repairing concrete – especially so when preserving a national historic landmark – but the task is much easier when outfitted with reliable, high-performance equipment. Eight Concrete Industry Management (CIM) degree students from California State University, Chico (CSU Chico) learned that lesson first-hand this summer while working on Alcatraz Island.

Finishing 304 Stainless Steel to Achieve a Uniform #4 Sanitary Appliance Finish

A pharmaceutical manufacturing facility required stainless steel enclosures to have a uniform #4 sanitary appliance finish for both aesthetic and antiseptic purposes.

AIRBOR™ at work drilling ballast tank holes

A custom magnetic drill assembly, including CS Unitec's AIRBOR™ pneumatic magnetic drill, aids communications at Devils Tower - an oil and gas production platform located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Portable Electric Band Saw "CUTS IT" in High Voltage Cable Installations

CS Unitec's portable electric band saw quickly and cleanly cuts 345 kV high-voltage transmission cable lines.

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