How to Get a Mirror Finish on Stainless Steel Pipe

Mirror Finish on Stainless Steel Pipe

You can achieve a mirror finish on stainless steel pipe using the PTX Eco Smart 47002 and the PTX Grinding Belt Roller 47006.  

Polishing pipe with superpolishing belt
  1. Pre-polish with white PTX Pre‐grinding and Polishing Compound 40013.
  2. Apply PTX Lime powder and wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove any paste residue. Polish with blue PTX Pre‐grinding and Polishing Compound 40014.
  3. Apply PTX Lime powder and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Mirror polish using the Cotton Buffing Wheel CS2410 and pink PTX polishing cream 40015.

Application Tips

  • Apply a consistent pulling pressure (slightly more than the weight of the grinder) when grinding with the PTX TZ-Pyramid Belts.
  • For working on closed pipe constructions, the PTX Grinding and Pyramid Belts must be cut open, turned inside out, placed around the pipe and then refastened using the PTX Special Adhesive Tape 49000. Be sure to wrap the tape completely around the outside of the belt a minimum of 2 times.
  • Always use a separate PTX Felt Belt for each polishing compound and cream so the different compounds do not get mixed together.
  • Pastes and creams must always be applied to the PTX Felt Belt and never to the work surface.
  • After each polishing step, remove the compound residue with PTX Lime powder. Simply scatter it on the work piece and wipe it off with the Microfiber Cloth 40031.
  • By varying the speed of the tool, it is possible to make fine adjustments to the finish. For example: lower speed results in deeper scratch pattern and faster speed results in higher reflectivity.

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