Vibro-Lo™ and Low-Vibration Concrete Scabblers - Scabbling Hammers

CS Unitec's vibration-dampened and Vibro-Lo™ air concrete scabblers have up to 8x less vibration than standard concrete scabblers. Our Vibro-Lo™ air concrete scabblers are engineered with vibration dampening technology to reduce vibration to as low as 4.2 m/s2. Increase worker safety, increase productivity and reduce the risk of vibration related injuries with low vibration/vibration reduced tools. Call 800-700-5919 to speak to our specialists.

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Heavy-Duty Single Head Scabbler
  • Operates with 8x less vibration than standard models
  • 2900 blows per minute

8x less vibration than standard single-head scabblers

  • Integrated Vibro-Lo™ low vibration technology
  • Tungsten Carbide-tipped Cruciform or Steel Bush Head Pistons
  • Provides 2800 blows per minute
Multi-headed concrete floor scabbler for demolition
  • 6500 BPM for fast concrete removal
  • Integrated dust shroud and vacuum port
  • Level high spots; texture and roughen concrete
11-head air-powered concrete floor scabbler
  • 24,000 light blows per minute
  • Equipped with Vibro-Lo™ low vibration technology for 8x less vibration
  • Optional dust shroud and vacuum port
Pole Concrete Scabbler Low VIbration
  • Up to 8x less vibration
  • Increased safety
  • Quickly remove/roughen concrete
  • Scabble hard to access areas
  • Wide selection of scabbling & tamping heads
Anti Vibration Air Scaling Hammers
  • Up to 8x less vibration
  • Single & 11 head models
  • Hand-held & walk-behind
  • Vaccum shrouded models available
Low Vibration Anti-Vibration Vibrolo Tools Logo
  • Up to 8x less vibration
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved user comfort & ergonomics
  • Improved work quality and consistency