CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills - Special Performance and Safety Features

Designed for continuous operation, CS Unitec's portable magnetic drills are ideal for drilling structural steel and virtually any metal. We offer the most compact, powerful and reliable series of portable magnetic drills for holes up to 6" diameter. All CS Unitec drills are heavy-duty for use in construction and industry. Our complete magnetic drill product line includes electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drills. They are available for prompt delivery.

CS Unitec is the industry leader in:
  • Power-to-weight ratios
  • Strongest clamping force high-density (HD) dual-coil magnets
  • Magnetic drills for tapping
  • Annular Cutters: TiAIN, HSS, Cobalt steel and Carbide-tipped

Our drills have unique features:

  • Variable-speed, multiple-geared models
  • Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic power
  • Reversible motors for tapping and machining
  • Swivel base stand for hard-to-reach areas
  • Battery-operated for on-site cordless drilling

Rugged construction and sophisticated functionality.
Intuitive magnets, ergonomic controls and simple operation for superior cuts.

Overheating Protection with
CoolMag™ Electromagnets ensure that the magnet does not overheat. When the magnet is switched on for long periods of time, the coils could overheat or even burn out. The CoolMag feature ensures that the power of the magnets is reduced when the drill motor is not active. Therefore, it won't build up heat.

All CS Unitec high-density dual-coil magnets are ground, not cast, and are wound into two circles to increase the surface area and density of the magnetic field.

Keyless, quick-change system for annular cutters saves times and money. Just twist and lock.

ARMOR-PLATED™ TiAIN Cutters are ideal for all drilling applications. A high surface hardness and greater lubricity allow drilling at high operating temperatures with more power and speed.

Keyless quick-change system for annular cutters saves time and money. Just twist and lock!   

Portable Magnetic Drill Twist Drilling
Portable Magnetic Drill Tapping
Portable Magnetic Drill Reaming
Portable Magnetic Drill Countersinking
Twist DrillingTappingReamingCountersinking

IQ Magnetic System for Active Safety.
Magnetic force is the key to safety and success.

The magnetic force of your magnet depends on a number of factors:
  • Thickness of material being drilled
  • Coatings or paint layers on material
  • Chips, dirt or grease between the magnet and the material

The SafeMag™ System measures whether the magnet has sufficient adhesive force on the material. An LED indicator on the switch panel warns you of insufficient magnetic force (Red Light) or if the correct force is present (Green Light).

Our Electronic Safety Shutoff Sensor automatically shuts down the drill motor if the magnet loses contact with the material. This emergency off feature helps to protect both operator and equipment.

LED red... insufficient magnetic force. Drilling should not take place. Possible causes are too-thin material, coating of lacquer, scale or zinc.

LED green... the magnetic adhesion corresponds to the minimum requirements. Drilling can take place.

Integrated cable routing: MAB Series

The new generation of our MAB portable magnetic drilling machines has been developed for increased safety. This includes the complete cable routing within the casing.
  • No threading and getting caught
  • No tearing or snapping off

Simple, ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation. Emergency-off function for quick shutdown.


High power at low speeds. Electronic torque control prevents damage to motor.


Custom Drilling Machines for Unique Applications

Our engineers can create a drill, drill rig, or other application-specific arrangement to meet your needs. Click here for more information, or call 1-800-700-5919 for design assistance.