Vibro-Lo™ Low-Vibration Inline Needle Scalers

8x less vibration for greater productivity and improved operator comfort

  • VL223 heavy-duty low-vibration needle scaler
  • Needle Scaler with Dust Extraction
  • Needle Scaler removing rust around bolts
  • Needle scaler removing paint
  • VL223 heavy-duty low-vibration needle scaler
  • Needle Scaler with Dust Extraction
  • Needle Scaler removing rust around bolts
  • Needle scaler removing paint

Applications Include:

  • Texturing concrete
  • Cleaning and stress-relieving weld seams and joints
  • Removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials
  • Splitting, chipping, pointing and brick raking

Low-vibration pistol-grip models also available.

CS Unitec's Trelawny™ line of Low-Vibration needle/chisel scalers offer high performance and low vibration for greater productivity and improved operator comfort. Ergonomically designed with low maintenance and a quick change tooling option.

The Vibro-Lo™ line of Needle/Chisel Scalers utilize vibration damping components to offset the hammer vibration created when the needles/chisels impact the workpiece.

  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Optional dust shroud for dust and debris collection
  • Tool-free needle changeover
  • Converts to chisel scaler in seconds
  • Trelawny™ needles last 10x longer than standard needles
  • Standard scalers are available
  • ATEX-Certified Needle Scalers are also available
Needles Available
Chisel for light surface marking
Flat for light treatment and polishing effect
Pointed for very hard scale
Hazardous Logo
Copper Beryllium for use in potentially explosive areas
Stainless Steel for use in applications where corrosion or humidity is a problem, such as food processing industry
Restoring USS Pampanito Submarine with Low-Vibration Needle Scaler
Reducing Needle Scaler Vibration for More Efficient Restoration  

When a dedicated team of volunteers is responsible for restoring a national treasure to its former glory, their job should be as safe and stress-free as possible – not a physically taxing endeavor leaving them susceptible to vibration-related injury.

Read more about how our Vibro-Lo™ needle scalers allow volunteers to work longer and safer when restoring the USS Pampanito submarine


Standard Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers convert in seconds with optional head or when purchased as a Kit. Contact us for more information.

  • Specifications
  • VL223 Combination Kit (Needle/Chisel Scaler)
  • Accessories
VL223 Inline Vibro-Lo™ Needle Scalers
90 PSI
VL223 Needle Scaler199.210319 / 3mm5.252400490.72.56Yes59.05.1855.091.67
VL223 Needle Scaler with dust shroud199.231319 / 3mm5.252400490.72.56Yes59.25.0855.091.69
Part Number 199.2113
CS Unitec offers Vibro-Lo™ Needle/Chisel Scaler Kits, each supplied with the Needle Scaler, 3mm needles, a chisel holder, anvil and a 3/4" blade chisel.

* Plastic carrying case not included.

Part NumberDescriptionIMPAISSAProduct Image
418.2003TVS Vacuum Shroud For VL223/VL203 Needle Scalers59.25.0655.091.66
446.2120VL223/VL203 Chisel Attachment Kit--
B-BPG Chisel Scaler
446.2003VL223/VL203 Needle Scaler Service Kit--
446.2203VL223/VL203 Chisel Scaler Service Kit--
2B-2BPG Chisel Scaler Service Kit
601.2030VL223/VL203 Needle Holder (19 x 3mm)59.05.05-
B-BPG Needle Holder
712.2003VL223/VL203 Front Spring--
B-BPG Front Spring
512.2003VL223/VL203/3BPG Fall arrestor kit including 3' antistatic lanyard--
Drop Protection Kit For Needle and Chisel Scaler
815.5550 Whip Check--
Whip Check
1/4" NPT Inline Oiler & Filter with 3' of hose--