Standard Inline Needle Scalers

Ideal for cleaning and stress-relieving weld seams and joints; texturing concrete; removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials.

  • Heavy-Duty Inline Needle Scalers
  • Heavy-Duty Inline Needle Scalers removing paint from I-Beam
  • Needle scaler removing concrete
  • Needle Scaler removing paint from ship
  • Convert from Needle to Chisel Scaler
  • Heavy-Duty Inline Needle Scalers
  • Heavy-Duty Inline Needle Scalers removing paint from I-Beam
  • Needle scaler removing concrete
  • Needle Scaler removing paint from ship
  • Convert from Needle to Chisel Scaler

Applications include:

  • Texturing concrete
  • Cleaning, stress-relieving weld seams and joints
  • Removing coatings, corrosion and other materials
  • Splitting, chipping, pointing, brick raking


Power & Productivity • Low Maintenance & Less Downtime • Versatile

Learn how CS Unitec's Needle Scalers offer more advantages than the competition!

Power & Productivity
  • Oversized piston with longer stroke
  • Heavy-duty hardened anvil
  • Chisel-tipped needles

Low Maintenance & Less Downtime

  • Air-powered – fewer moving parts
  • Converts to chisel scaler in seconds
  • Piston valve


  • One tool for different applications
  • Lightweight – easy to handle
Needles Available – Trelawny™ needles last 10x longer than standard needles
Chisel for light surface marking
Flat for light treatment and polishing effect
Pointed for very hard scale
Hazardous Logo
Copper Beryllium for use in potentially explosive areas
Stainless Steel for use in applications where corrosion or humidity is a problem, such as food processing industry
Small Needle Chisel Scaler Conversion LD
Standard Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers convert in seconds with optional head or when purchased as a Kit. Contact us for more information.

  • Specifications
  • 2B Combination Kit
  • Accessories
  • Tool Advantages
Inline Grip Needle Scalers
90 PSI
Inline1B Needle Scaler111.109912 / 3mm3.538003.0110.48.5-55.089.01
Inline2B Needle Scaler121.209919 / 3mm5.7530005.5113.39.359.04.8155.091.07
Inline2B TVS Needle Scaler139.200719 / 3mm6.430005.598.617.459.25.03-
Part Number 199.3120
2B Combination Kit
Kit includes 2B Needle Scaler, 19 (3mm) needles, 3/4" width chisel and allen wrench.
Part NumberDescriptionIMPAISSAProduct Image
418.2200TVS Vacuum Shroud For 2B/2BPG Needle Scalers59.25.0155.091.35
446.71101B Chisel Attachment Kit--
B-BPG Chisel Scaler
446.71202B/2BPG Chisel Attachment Kit--
446.10101B Needle Scaler Service Kit--
446.10202B Needle Scaler Service Kit--
446.10121B Chisel Scaler Service Kit--
2B-2BPG Chisel Scaler Service Kit
446.10222B Chisel Scaler Service Kit--
601.10031B Needle Holder (12 x 3mm)--
B-BPG Needle Holder
601.20032B Needle Holder (19 x 3mm)59.05.05-
712.10011B Front Spring--
B-BPG Front Spring
712.20012B/2BPG Front Spring--

CS Unitec's Genuine Trelawny™ Needle Scalers offer more advantages than meet the eye!

  • Increased tool life and easy maintenance – engineered with 20+ fewer parts than competitive models
  • 25% harder impact with the workpiece - all-in-one piston valve and plunger for efficient operation and increased productivity
  • Consume 55% less air - tight tolerances and efficient engineering reduce tool leakage and allow for more tools to run off one compressor

CS Unitec Heavy-Duty Needle Scaler Features Diagram

Fewer Moving Parts: 20+ fewer parts than comparable needle scalers; reduced downtime and fewer parts to stock, repair and replace

Low Air Consumption: more efficient operation with more power at lower CFM; can use smaller air compressor

Oversized Piston and Anvil: more power, productivity and longevity

All-Steel Construction: heavy-duty, built to last

Inline or Pistol Grip Options: for user comfort

Lever Throttle: easily power on/off while naturally holding tool

High-Quality Needles: last 10x longer than standard needles; fast removal; multiple tip shapes; stainless steel and non-sparking options available