Underwater Core Drills

CS Unitec underwater core drills are designed for the most demanding underwater drilling applications. Our core drills are available in either hydraulic and pneumatic power for up to 12" dia. hole cutting capacity. Our underwater core drills can be used either hand-held or rig mounted to best fit your next underwater drilling application.
A wide range of core bits and accessories are available for drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and similar materials. Carbide plate cutters are also available for drilling in steel plate and other metals. Call today to speak to one of our underwater tool specialists 800-700-5919 or 203-853-9522


  • Fits a wide range of applications:
    • Hand-held or Rig-mounted
    • Air & Hydraulic powered models
  • Large 12" max drilling diameter
  • Drill speed selector for increased diamond cutting life
  • Increased safety:
    • Anchor stands available for secure mounting
    • D handles available on hand-held models
    • Safety triggers available on hand-held models


Accesorios para perforación con punta de diamante
  • Brocas sacanúcleos de diamante en húmedo/seco
  • Brocas sacanúcleos para concreto, concreto reforzado, ladrillo, y otros materiales duros
  • Soportes y otros accesorios disponibles
Brocas de Diamante y Fresas de placa con punta de carburo
  • Diamond Core Drill Bits
    • 3/16" to 18" Dia.
    • Lengths Up To 48"
    • Wet/Dry Models Available
  • Carbide-Tipped Plate Cutters
    • 1/2" to 12" Dia.
    • Lengths Up To 12"