Drills for Metal

CS Unitec offers a wide range of electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic drills fit for cutting metal.  Our metal cutting drills provide reliable, fast, and accurate hole cutting whether you're on a job site or in the shop. We also offer a wide range of annular cutters, holesaws and mag drill bits for drilling up to 6" diameter in steel and other metals.


  • Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic powered models
  • Best power to weight ratios
  • Large cutting capacity- Up to 10" Depth and 6" diameter
  • Wide selection of cutting tooling
  • Increased safety on select models
    • Electronic safety shutoff
    • Mechanical slip clutches
    • D handle & Safety Triggers
    • ATEX certified models for use in EX zones

Contact our magnetic drilling specialists for assistance with your metalworking application: 1-800-700-5919 or 203-853-9522. You can also ask them a question here.