Slow-speed Electric Drills and Drive Units

Slow Speed: Two-geared, variable-speed reversible motors

Slow-speed electric drill and drive unit - high torque

Model ETE 32/2.3 R/RL
(Shown with optional Square Drive Adapter)

slow-speed electric drill and drive unit
Up to 1-1/4" twist drill capacity
  • High-torque, two-geared and variable-speed reversible motors
  • Ideal for drilling, reaming and tapping steel
  • Driving applications include mills, spindles, bar boring, pipe beveling and valve turning
  • Perfect for tube rolling and expanding for fire tube and water tube boilers
  • Mechanical safety clutch prevents operator injury or damage to the tool
  • Morse Taper #3 arbor
  • One-year warranty
slow-speed electric drill and drive unit

Model EHB 32/2.2 R/RL

slow-speed electric drill and drive unit

1/2" and 3/4" Square Drive accessories
allow motor compatibility for various drive applications.*

Model No. Motor Power
Voltage** Load Speed
Drilling Cap. in Steel Tube Rolling (max.) Reversible Torque Output (ft./lbs.) Torque Control Arbor Weight (lbs.)
EHB 32/2.2 R/RL
Schematics (PDF)
16.3 110V 60-140/
1-1/4" 2" YES 92 max. YES MT3 14
ETE 32/2.3 R/RL
Schematics (PDF)

[ETE 32/2.3 R/RL 220 Volt Schematics (PDF]
16.3 110V 30-75/
N/A 3"*** YES 174 max. NO MT3 15

** All units available in 220 Volt / 50Hz
*** With Expander (Up to 2-1/2" with Bead Roller)


* 1/2" Square Drive with MT3 - Part No. 830-1230-050
3/4" Square Drive with MT3 - Part No. 830-1230-075

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