Portable Band Saws

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Largest cutting capacity in the industry - up to 9" OD

Portable Band Saws

CS Unitec's portable band saws are available in pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power. These band saws are ideal for the toughest use in refineries, chemical plants, gas utilities, construction, offshore oil, mining, marine and demolition industries. 

Special Features & Benefits of CS Unitec Portable Band Saws:

  • Fast, deep cutting of pipe, conduit, bolts, cable, angle iron, structural steel, chain and more.
  • Cutting capacities of 4" through 9" O.D.
  • Cut steel, stainless steel, Inconel, chrome, Hastelloy, aluminum, copper, iron, fiberglass, plastics, wood and more.
  • Variable-speed motors allow the operator to adapt the cutting speed to the material. This maximizes cutting performance and blade life. For example, slower speed is better for cutting stainless steel and very hard alloys.

We also offer a full line of band saw blades and accessories, including vise clamps for straight cutting.
Portable Bandsaws
Portable Band Saws
Electric Band Portable Band Saw

For construction, utility, marine and demolition applications

  • Cutting capacities of 4-3/4", 7" and 8" OD
  • Ideal for construction, demolition, utilities and nuclear industry
  • Portable - fast on-site cutting hand-held or with a clamp
Pneumatic Band Saws AirBand

Ideal for hazardous atmospheres and wet environments

  • Cutting capacities of 4-3/4", 7" and 8" OD
  • ATEX Certified Tool for Ex Zone 2
  • Reduces need for "hot work permits"
  • Ideal for process shutdowns and turnarounds

Heavy-duty mining, utility, marine and construction applications

  • Cutting capacities of 4", 7" and 9" OD
  • Ideal for construction, demolition, mining and underwater applications
  • Portable - fast on-site cutting hand-held or with a clamp
Band Saw Blades

M42 Cobalt Steel SuperBand™ Saw Blades

  • Blades for standard saws
  • Blades for Deep Throat™ saws
  • Blades for Wide Mouth™ saws
Band Saw Vise Clamp for Straight Cutting

Vise Clamp for Accurate Cuts

  • Securely clamp to round, square and angular materials for straight cutting