Hacksaw Blades, Clamps & Accessories

Extension Chains for Hacksaw Pipe Clamps

Extend capacity of pipe clamps up to 30" OD

  • 17-3/4" chain extension
  • 39-3/8" chain extension
Blade Guides

Optional blade guides with two roller bearings

  • Ensure straight cutting through pipe and difficult materials
  • For pipes up to 13" and 21"

Heavy-duty cutting of pipe and structural steel

  • HSS for cutting up to 30" dia. steel pipe
  • HSS-SL for high strength steel (stainless steel)

Heavy cutting of pipe and structural steel

  • Ensure 90° cuts
  • Cut pipes and profiles
Self-feeding Pipe Clamp for Electric & Hydraulic Saws

Automatic Mechanical Clamp

  • For use with Electric Hacksaw 5 1215 0070 and Hydraulic Hacksaw 5 1220 0050
Self-feeding Pipe Clamp for Pneumatic Saws

Air-powered Automatic Clamp

  • For use with Air Hacksaw 5 1212 0010 (roll throttle)
  • Cut pipe up to 12-3/4" OD
Universal Clamp for Pipes & Profiles

Attaches to most of our reciprocating saws

  • Self-aligning feet adjust to the form of the workpiece
  • Accommodates 1/2" to 12-3/4" OD