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CS Unitec's portable saws and tools are ideal for cutting pipe, structural steel, tanks, bolts, angle iron, concrete and other materials, including plastic and wood. We offer the widest range of portable pneumatic, electric and hydraulic saws in the industry.

Our saws can be used as hand-held tools or with an assortment of clamps for pipe and other materials. All CS Unitec saws are heavy-duty for use in industry and construction. Our complete saw line includes pneumatic-, electric- and hydraulic-powered tools, saw blades and accessories, all available for prompt delivery.

CS Unitec is the industry leader in:
• Portable saws for cutting pipe, metal, concrete, etc.
• Compact, lightweight, hand-held and clamp-mounted saws
• The best power-to-weight ratios
• Long-lasting, heavy-duty saw blades for fast cutting of steel, stainless steel, Inconel, chrome, Hastelloy, aluminum, iron, plastics, masonry, concrete and other materials

We offer:
• Pneumatic-, electric- and hydraulic-powered saws
• Clamps for 90° cutting of pipe, structural steel and other materials
• Compact sizes for sawing in confined spaces

Special Features & Benefits of CS Unitec Portable Saws:
Choose your Power: Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Choose your Cutting Method: Hand-held, 90° with Pipe Clamps, Track-mounted
Choose your Heavy-duty Blades & Chains: Reciprocating, Heavy-duty Thick, Chains and Blades

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Portable Saws, Saw Blades and Accessories

Special Features and Benefits of CS Unitec Saws

CS Unitec saws are designed for the toughest service in petrochemical, oil, power generations, industrial plant maintenance and construction industries worldwide. We offer the most compact and powerful series of portable saws for cutting pipe, bolts, tanks, structural steel, concrete, wood and plastic. These heavy-duty electric, hydraulic and pneumatic saws include portable band saws, reciprocating saws, hacksaws, chain saws and circular saws, as well as saw blades, pipe clamps and other accessories.

ATEX Certified Ex
Selected air and hydraulic models in our line are ATEX Certified for working in Ex Zones. Contact us for more information.


Portable Reciprocating Saws

The most powerful recip saws in the industry! Hand-held or clamp-mounted, get top cutting performance in tough environments. Cut pipe and channel up to 6" dia. (or plastic pipe up to 8" dia.)

Pneumatic – Cengar Reciprocating Saws – Low Air Volume
PL905 The sturdy air saw for continuous use. Ideal for high-volume production environments and cutting steel, repairing wooden pallets, building and repairing bus and truck bodies and cutting fiberglass. Widely used by oil and gas contractors and fire and rescue services.
CL50 & CL75 The rugged air saw for versatile applications: cutting metal, timber and fiberglass. Used in fabrication, shipbuilding, ship repair, oil & petrochemical, boat building and aircraft maintenance fields and by fire and rescue services.
JP901 The speedy, lightweight air saw. Ideal for cutting fiberglass, light-gauge metal and fiberboard up to 10mm (3/8") thick. Used by boat builders and in the construction and repair of car, bus and truck bodies.
Portable Recip Saws – Pneumatic, Air & Hydraulic
Pneumatic Recip Saws
1.3 HP – The CAT Ideal for cutting pipes, structural steel, pallets and more.
1.6 HP – The WOLF Ideal for cutting pipe, structural steel and other materials.
Hydraulic Recip Saws
2 HP – The SHARK Ideal for subsea, mining, utility and construction applications.
Electric Recip Saws
9.5 Amp, 12 Amp –
Ideal for demolition, pipe repair, pallets and more. The industry's most powerful electric recip saws!
Reciprocating Saw Blades
Reciprocating Saw Clamps
Hand-held Portable Reciprocating Saw for Cutting Pipe

Lightweight Pneumatic Portable Reciprocating Air Saw

Portable Hacksaws

Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic models — wide range of options for portable cutting of pipe, structural steel, tanks and other materials. Cut pipe and structural steel up to 30" OD.

Pneumatic – 3/4" ID NPT Air Connection Ideal for cutting pipe, tanks, structural steel, profiles and other materials. Designed for the toughest service in refineries, chemical plants, utilities, pipelines, construction, offshore oil and demolition applications.
Electric – 11 Amps, 110 Volt (220V available)
Hydraulic – 1/2" FF Couplings
Hacksaw Blades, Clamps and Accessories
Portable Hacksaw for Cutting Pipe and Structural Steel

Portable Hacksaw for Cutting Pipe and Structural Steel

Portable Band Saws

7" Band Saw cuts high-voltage cable

Pneumatic band sawPower for a wide range of industries. Fast, on-site cutting of pipe and other materials.

Read case study of our 7" Deep Throat™ Electric Band Saw cutting high-voltage cable.

4-3/4" capacity Ideal for hazardous atmospheres and wet environments. ATEX certified.
7" capacity
9" capacity
4-3/4" capacity Ideal for plumbing and mechanical contractors, as well as demolition and plant maintenance.
7" capacity
9" capacity
4-3/4" capacity Heavy-duty mining, utility, marine and construction applications.
7" capacity
9" capacity
Band Saw Blades and Accessories
Hand-held pneumatic band saw


Dry Cutting Circular Saws, Chop Saws & Miter Saws

Fast, portable, burr-free cutting of metal pipes, plates, profiles and more… without coolant

12-5/8" Cold Cut Metal Saw The Super Hand Dry Cutter is the largest cold cutting metal saw on the market: 12-5/8¸" dia., up to 4-3/4" deep. Dry cuts steel, sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets, conduits, metal pipes and more – without coolant.
Cold Cut Metal Saw
Dry Cut Miter Saw with 10" dia. Blade Cold cutting miter saw provides precise 45° cuts to the left and right. Dry cuts tubes, profiles and more from steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic, composite and more, including fine cuts in soft and sensitive materials. Lightweight and portable saw, no coolant or deburring necessary.
Dry Cut Miter Saw with 10" Blade
Premium Super Dry Cutter – 14" dia. Chop Saw The Premium Super Dry Cutter is a cold cut metal chop saw with an exclusive blade stabilization system to reduce vibration and a patented quick-release vice for precise bevel cuts. Dry cut stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, plastic and aluminum tubes, profiles and more – with no coolant or deburring necessary.
Premium Super Dry Cutter – 14" Chop Saw
7-1/2" Air Circular Saw 7-1/2" heavy duty air saw dry cuts up to 2-1/2" depth. For 90° straight cuts and 45° bevel cuts. Ideal for foundries, petrochemical, marine, demolition and fabrication applications.
7-1/2-in. Air Circular Saw
9" Pneumatic Circular Saw Dry cutting circular saw cuts steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic, grating, composite and corrugated materials at 90° and 45° angles. Ideal for foundries, petrochemical, marine, demolition and fabrication applications.
9" Pneumatic Metal Circular Saw
12-5/8" Pneumatic Circular Saw Cut I-beams, steel plate, insulation boards, sandwich panels, aluminum, plastics and more. 12-5/8¸" dia., up to 4-3/4" deep (max. 3/8" steel plate). Ideal for steel construction, demolition and more.
12-5/8" Pneumatic Dry Cutting Circular Saw


Chain Saws - Pneumatic and Hydraulic

Pneumatic Chain Saws
Ideal for use in polyethylene plants, petrochemical industries, utilities, underground mines and marine applications.
4 HP Pneumatic
General Use Powerful, efficient cutting of wood and plastic; used for many years in polyethylene plants, petrochemical industries, utilities, underground mines and marine applications.
Underwater Use
ATEX Classified, with Brake ATEX classified models, with brake, for hazardous atmospheres and wet environments, including underwater applications.
1.2 HP Pneumatic
All-purpose Use Ideal for use in utilities, mines, construction and agriculture.
Pneumatic Utility Saw
PowerGrit Air Utility Saw Cut ductile iron pipe underground with minimal excavation, performing the entire cut from one position.
Pneumatic Chain Saw Accessories
Hydraulic Chain Saws
Versatile, lightweight saws for utility and maintenance applications.
Up to 6.5 HP Hydraulic Saws
Pneumatic Pistol Grip Saws & Pole Saws Pistol Grip and Pole Chain Saws with optional 360-degree Hydraulic Hose Swivel.
We also offer Concrete Chain Saws
Pneumatic Chain Saws

4 HP Pneumatic Chain Saw with Brake

Utility Pneumatic Chain Saw

Concrete Saws & Stone Saws

Cut concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe, natural stone, asphalt, masonry and more.

Concrete Chain Saws
Pneumatic No gas or engine fumes; ideal for confined spaces and indoor use.
Hydraulic Heavy-duty mining, utility, marine and construction applications.
Accessories Diamond chains, guide bars, SpeedHook® and more.
Ductile Iron / Concrete Chain Saws
Pneumatic, 15" and 20" bar lengths Ideal for utility, commercial infrastructure, fire & rescue, construction and underwater applications. Cut ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe, concrete, PVC pipe, HDPE pipe, cured-in-place piping and more.
Cut-off Saws
Pneumatic, Hand-held, 14" and 18" Wet or dry cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, masonry, steel and more.
Pneumatic, Walk-behind, 20" Wet or dry cutting of concrete, asphalt and other materials.
Stone Saw
7" Portable Stone Saw – Wet/Dry with Dust Collection 7" Portable Stone Saw fro Wet and Dry Applications with Dust CollectionCut hard stone materials including granite, marble, terrazzo and artificial stones.
Concrete Saws Made to Cut Through Stone



Extends the life of pneumatic power tools. Removes water and contaminants from both portable and stationary compressed air systems to protect pneumatic tools.

AirPac Totally automatic, maintenance-free
AirPac extends the life of pneumatic power tools


Pneumatic or electric power; ideal for cutting sheet metal, steel plate, weldments and double sheets, as well as exotic materials and plastics.

Pneumatic and Electric Easily cut sheet metal and steel up to 3/8" thick.
Pneumatic or Electric Nibbler for Easily Cutting Sheet Metal


ProLube™ Lubricants for Magnetic Drills & Saws Ideal for cutting steel, stainless steel and hard metals. Your cutting tools will work cooler, longer and more efficiently. Liquid, solid and paste.
Air Tool Lubricants for Pneumatic Tools ProLube-ATL (super-premium synthetic air tool lubricant); ProLube-ATL/AF (anti-freeze, for operating air tools in cold climate conditions); Air Tool Line Conditioner (for use in underwater air tools).
Lubricants for Power Tools and Air Tools

Hydraulic Lopper

Cut up to 2" diameter; cutting head rotates 360°.

Hydraulic Lopper Cutting head rotates 360°; 2" cutting capacity.
Hydraulic Lopper

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