Hydraulic Impact Wrenches

ATEX Models for use in Ex Zones and Hazardous Environments.

  • Hydraulic Impact Wrench
  • Hydraulic Impact Wrench

Hydraulic-powered impact wrenches, ideal for tightening and removing bolts and screws up to 1-3/8"

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Non-sparking, non-magnetic impact sockets also available.

CS Unitec's hydraulic impact wrenches are ideal for industrial, mining, assembly and subsea applications.

  • High torque
  • Best power-to-weight ratio
  • ATEX Certified for Ex Zones
  • Underwater models
  • Specifications
Order No. Description Max. Bolt Size Tightening Torque (Hard) Weight ATEX Class Subsea Models
Hydraulic Impact Wrenches
6 1515 0010* 3/4" Square Drive 1" (M 27) 1220 ft-lbs. 18.1 lbs. Ex II 2 GcT5 *Underwater Use
6 1520 0010* 1" Square Drive 1-3/8" (M 36) 1840 ft-lbs. 25 lbs.   *Underwater Use