12-5/8" Dry Cut Metal Saw

Largest portable dry cutting saw on the market

  • handheld dry cut circular saw
  • handheld dry cut circular saw cutting capacity
  • handheld dry cut circular saw
  • handheld dry cut circular saw cutting capacity

Standard equipment includes a saw blade (Part No. 608276)

Fast, portable, burr-free cutting of metal plates, pipes, profiles and more… without coolant

12-5/8" diameter, cut up to 4-3/4" depth and 3/8" thick steel plate

csun saw in use
  • Largest portable dry metal cutting saw on the market
  • Dry cuts steel, sandwich panels, I-beams, trapezoidal sheets, conduits, metal pipes and more – without coolant, with no deburring necessary
  • High-quality tungsten carbide-tipped blade
  • Side-mounted tilt tray for disposal of chips
  • Motor protection with optical overload indicator
  • Dust collection port for clean operation
  • Specifications
  • Optional Rail Guide
  • Saw Blades
Model 8320 SHDC
Part No. 608270 U
Motor Power 16 Amp/110V*
Blade Diameter 12-5/8" (320mm)
Max. Depth of Cut 4-3/4" (120mm)
Speed (Free) 1,400 RPM
Arbor Size 1"
Blade Part No. 608276 (12-5/8" dia.)
Blade No. of Teeth 84T
Weight 21 lbs
*230V also available - Part No. 608270

8320 SHDC Super Hand-held Dry Cut Saw (Part No. 608270 U) standard equipment includes a saw blade (Part No. 608276).

Optional 12-5/8" Saw Blade for Model 8320 SHDC

   • P/N 608276SI, 84T, for stainless steel. Blade specially coated, increasing cutting life by 2.5X

Note: Specifications subject to change. Refer to Owner's Manual for operating instructions.


Super Hand-held Accessory: Guide Rail with Clamping System - 2 x 23-5/8" Rails

P/N 608275 SET
  • Ideal for straight cutting of sandwich panels and sheets
  • Secure and jam-free guidance of saw blade through material
  • Rails can be used together for straight edge length up to 55" (1,400mm)
12-5/8" Saw Blades for

Model 608270 U
Part No. 608276 84T, for standard use
Part No. 608276SI 84T, for stainless steel