Dry Diamond Core Drill Bits

CS Unitec dry diamond core drill bits are made with premium quality diamond segments to maximize footage and drilling speed in dry drilling applications. For use in concrete, brick, block, mortar and more. Less feed pressure required due to segment design. Call today to talk to one of our core drilling specialists 1-800-700-5919.

Dry Vacuum Bits
  • For cured concrete and masonry
  • Drill up to 8" deep
  • 1-1/4" - 12 female threaded hub
Unicore Dry Diamond Core Bits – Segmented
  • Drill through block and brick
  • 7mm diamond segment height

Cutter sizes up to 8" dia., 13-3/4" depth

  • Truly unique product specially designed for the ESD 162 Soft-Percussion IHT System
  • Optimal results in reinforced concrete, brick, block & more
  • Maintain high working speeds during extended drilling periods
  • Highly durable diamond segments
  • Extremely cool cutting
  • Excellent dust collection